Under the Student Body Constitution, the Student Council is empowered to express the will of the Student Body through resolution. Resolutions may be authored by anyone, but must be approved by the Student Council. If you would like to submit a draft resolution or have an idea for a resolution, please contact us at

Passed Resolutions


R.-207-001 Divestment Resolution

A resolution to call upon HMC and the Harvard community to divest from the illegal occupation of Palestine and genocide of Palestinians


*Resolutions marked with asterisks were all passed in one historic Student Council meeting on March 23, 2022. Click here to read the press release.*

R.-205-003 Effective Advocacy

A resolution to request the Harvard Law School Administration commit to effective Student Government advocacy

R.-205-004 Summer Contribution

A resolution to request HLS Administration provide a meaningful update or a timeline for student summer contribution policy changes

R.-205-005 Printing Credit

A resolution to request reinstatement of the printing credit

R.-205-006 Mental Health

A resolution to radically invest in mental health care for students

R.-205-007 DLSA Letter

A resolution to support HLS Disability Law Student Association’s masking policy requests

R.-205-008 Latina Faculty

A resolution to request HLS hire its first Latina faculty

R.-205-009 Belinda Hall

A resolution to officially name Belinda Hall

R.-205-010 Academic Advising

A resolution to hire designated Academic Advisors

R.-205-011 Bar Counseling

A resolution to request the hire of a dedicated Bar Prep Counselor

R.-205-012 Microwaves and Coffee

A resolution to support students by extending free coffee and tea to all day and installing more microwaves on campus

R.-205-013 Email Access

A resolution to request removal of the email review policy by the Dean of the Student Services and allow HLS Student Government to communicate with students without censorship

R.-205-014 COVID and Recording Policies

A resolution to emphasize the need for COVID policies that prioritize student mental health and physical welfare, and demand student input on COVID policies and other policies that impact student life

R.-205-002 A Resolution to Condemn the Russian War on Ukraine

This resolution is to condemn the Russian war on Ukraine and recognize the ongoing atrocities, stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine, condemn the racism and xenophobia that has framed and permeated the war, and call on the Harvard Law School administration to act in their capacity to support affected students.

R.-205-001 A Resolution to Support the Harvard Graduate Students Union’s Bargaining Efforts to Gain a Fair and More Equitable Contract

This resolution states that Student Government stands in solidarity with HGSU and their efforts to obtain fair and equitable terms of employment, including a workers strike if need be.


R.-203-007 Recognizing Belinda Hall

This resolution officially recognizes Belinda Hall as a legitimate name within the student body for the lounge between Wasserstein and Caspersen.

R.-203-006 Class Recording Policy Reform

A resolution seeking a reform of the class recording policy.

R.-203-005 Petition for Dining Hall Workers

This resolution calls on the Dean and Restaurant Associates General Manager Lauren Williams to comply with the eight demands outlined in the Student/Worker Petition for Dining Hall Workers.

R.-203-004 Religious Liberties Clinic

This resolution strongly encourages Dean Manning and the Harvard Law School administration to publicly commit to not permitting any clinic including this forthcoming religious liberties clinic to take cases that would impinge on the rights of the LGBTQIA+ community or any other community in our student body and in the US and further affirmatively abiding by the nondiscrimination policy for all HLS clinics;

Commends the idea of a forthcoming religious liberties clinic that respects Harvard’s nondiscrimination policy and that will use its resources and the work of talented students to support religious minorities in our community and throughout the nation;

And encourages the Harvard Law School administration to provide more clarity as to the process of creating new clinical opportunities, the funding of such opportunities, and how the funding limits or does not limit the available cases and legal work the clinic can pursue.

R.-203-003 Election Day Holiday

This resolution calls on HLS to make election day into a holiday.

R. 203-002 HGSU Strike Authorization Vote

A resolution to support the Harvard Graduate Students Union vote on 10/15/2019 authorizing the declaration of a strike should negotiations come to a point where the Union deems this to be appropriate.

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R. 203-001 (Mandatory Arbitration Clauses – Call for Disclosure)

This resolution calls on law firms seeking to recruit on campus who employ mandatory arbitration clauses to disclose their policies to the Office of Career Services.


R. 202-006 (Neutral Arbitration of Discrimination and Harassment in Graduate Student Union Contract)

This resolution formally expresses support for the implementation of neutral third-party grievance procedures for discrimination and harassment in the contract between the Harvard Graduate Union and Harvard University.

R. 202-002 (Endowment Transparency – Investment in For-Profit Prison Industry)

This resolution formally calls on the Harvard University administration to disclose its investment, both direct and via third-party funds, in the for-profit prison industry..

Prior to 2018

R. 201-005 (Coalition to Improve LIPP)

This resolution formally expresses support for the Coalition to Improve LIPP’s policy proposals to improve the Low Income Protection Plan.

R. 200-004 (Addiction Journal)

This resolution formally expresses support for the creation of a journal at HLS concerned with legal issues and questions surrounding addiction

R. 200-003 Addendum (Indigenous Peoples’ Day Addendum)

This addendum reaffirms the call upon the University to recognize Indigenous Peoples’ Day as the official holiday for fall break.

R. 200-003 (Indigenous Peoples’ Day)

This resolution calls upon the University to recognize Indigenous Peoples’ Day as the official holiday for fall break.

R. 200-002 (HUDS Strike)

This resolution formally endorses the HUDS workers strike

R. 200-001 (Bar Prep Course)

This resolution expresses support for a matching program that would make Bar prep course available for free for public interest students.