Committees work to address specific issues affecting the Student Body.  The Student Government has the following committees:

Chair: Kelly Murphy

Represent student interests on academic issues related to the faculty and administration. Past topics that this committee has focused on include LRW reform, improving registration, course evaluations, and broadening curriculum options. The Academic Affairs Committee also plays an integral role in our annual Teaching & Advising Awards selections.

Chair: Will Ebeler

Identify and solve issues that HLS students face in their everyday lives. Past topics that this committee has focused on include voter registration, gender-based disparities, financial aid advocacy, IT and printing, staplers, and dining options. The Student Affairs Committee is also responsible for matching prospective students to student hosts during ASW weekends.

Chair: Mary Noh

Represent student interests related to diversity, equity, and inclusion to the faculty and administration. The committee frequently works to expand the Critical Race Theory curriculum, partners with the Admissions Office to connect with prospective students from diverse backgrounds, and collaborates with other student organizations to find ways of making HLS a better place for BIPOC. The committee also helps to ensure that Student Government remains accessible to historically marginalized populations.

Chair: Ankita Satpathy

Develop and promote the resources and services available to advance student health, wellness, and safety. Past issues have included Title IX policies, mental health resources, supporting students who breastfeed, improving Hemenway/IM Sports, and character and fitness question reform.

Chair: Lla Anderson

Provide community service opportunities for both student government and the student body at large to participate in. The committee will be responsible for ensuring that HLS stays true to its mission and serves those in the community.

Chair: Nie Joseph

Plan fun events to build campus-wide community. This year we’re hoping to bring back the Apple picking trip, Thanksgiving Dinner, Halloween costume contest, Valentine’s Day gram, and more. We hope to partner across various student/affinity organizations that will help cultivate a cohesive student body. Our goal is to create fun, inclusive, and engaging events throughout the year that respond to student interest.

Co-Chairs: Logan Campbell & Diego Jerez

Strengthen the public interest community on campus, improve policies affecting public interest careers, and foster a spirit of public service among students. Issues include improving LIPP/SPIF, addressing disparities between OCS and OPIA, and strengthening the Public Interest Interview Program (PIIP).

Director: Katherine Ko

Celebrate the diversity of and the breadth of experiences within the HLS student body. Through hosting a series of talks featuring selected student speakers, the HLS Talks Committee strives to bring individuals from different walks of life together and create a safe space for all to share their unique stories.

Chairs: TBD

The HLS International Committee seeks to build bridges between the international student body and (1) other HLS student communities, as well as (2) members of the administration. Some of our key initiatives include advocating for the international student body’s needs, celebrating the illustrious and diverse LLM alumni, and building institutional knowledge. We aim to partner with the various affinity groups on campus to better integrate international students into the broader student community and foster long-lasting friendships and connections. 

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