queue-512 2022 – 2023 HuB Leadership

Ayushi Dwivedi

Ayushi is an LLM graduate student from India and is excited to explore opportunities and challenges at the intersection of business and human rights.

Eoin Jackson

Eoin is an LL.M. graduate student from Ireland excited to explore the growing opportunities in human rights and business.

Kayla Lee

Kayla is a JD student eager to explore the overlap between business and human rights.

Pablo Lozano

Pablo is a JD student who recognizes the importance of both business and human rights as he builds a career.

Sudheer Poluru

Sudheer is a JD student interested in all things DEI, ESG, CSR and other acronyms that represent the intersection of human rights and business.

Toon Dictus

Toon is an LL.M. graduate student from Belgium interested in ESG and sustainability questions and passionate about connecting business and human rights.