queue-512 2023 – 2024 HuB Leadership


Ivana Anna Nikolic

Ivana is an LL.M. student from Iceland/Serbia. Prior to coming to Harvard Law School she served as a Legal Advisor to the Parliamentary Ombudsman of Iceland, specializing in Public Law and Human Rights. In addition to serving as a Co-President of the Harvard Human Rights and Business Students Association, she serves as an Assistant Managing Editor for the Harvard Human Rights Journal, Submissions Editor for the Harvard Journal of Law and Technology, and is a member of the Alumni & Mentorship Committee at Harvard Women’s Law Association.

One of Ivana’s goals in coming to Harvard was to learn more about the intersection of Business and Human Rights, and she is excited to organize various events that illuminate key topics in the intersection of Business and Human Rights.

Mohini Tangri

Mohini is a 3L from Fort Collins, Colorado, and completed her undergrad at a small liberal arts school in Virginia with a major in Global Politics. Before law school, she was a high school math teacher. At HLS, she is involved with HLS Dems, Harvard’s Business and Human Rights organization, Mock Trial, and several affinity groups. Her 1L summer, she worked in Mexico City with a nonprofit specializing in appellate Mexican constitutional law. Last summer, she tried three different things: public defense work, plaintiff’s side environmental work, and transactional startup work. She’s excited to continue fighting to get Dems elected after graduation. In her free time, you can find her practicing new languages, chatting with her sister Rohini, and trying new foods.


Kayla Lee

Kayla is a 2L from Gwangju, Korea, who has spent most of the past decade in various parts of California. As an undergraduate business major with private sector work experience – finance and strategy – before law school, she is eager to explore the overlap between business and human rights. She is especially excited about making educational opportunities more equitable and accessible.


Salomé Van Bunnen

Salomé is an LL.M. graduate student from Belgium. She was a lawyer in the Employment sector before coming to Harvard. She wrote her Master thesis on corporate accountability and human rights violations. She is excited to organize various Human Rights & Business events to cast light on this essential topic and allow various stakeholders to share their ideas, challenges and experiences.

Begüm Acar

Begüm is an LLM student from the southeast of Turkey. She has been a lawyer in Istanbul for the past two years working in dispute resolution. Her academic interests are the international economic order’s impact on human rights and the environment, corporate accountability, and climate change. She is a student advocate at Human Rights Entrepreneurs and Incubator Clinic and editor at Harvard International Law Journal. She likes to imagine, design, and share.


Jessie Hsia

Jessie is an LLM graduate student from Taiwan and is interested in creative, collaborative ways to evolve traditional business models to better meet human rights standards.

Elena Athwal

Elena Athwal is an American LLM student coming from Qatar, where she received her JD in International Energy & Environmental Law, with a focus on Human Rights and Sustainable Development. She is currently in the Environment & Energy Law Program (EELP) at Harvard Law School, where she focuses on the intersection of international environmental and energy law, law and governance, and business and human rights. She has published extensively on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations, the clean energy transition and the path to net zero, and sustainable development goals and human rights.