Food Law and Policy Publications

This page is designed to serve as a repository for the increasing number of food-related publications produced by the students and faculty of Harvard Law School. Both the Harvard Law School Food Law and Policy Clinic and the HLS Mississippi Delta Project, whose publications are listed below, have worked extensively with clients and communities on issues relating to food law and policy. Many of our members have worked for both organizations.

Food Law and Policy Career Guide

Though food law and policy is an innovative and emerging field in which to study and practice law, there are numerous opportunities in government, non-profit organizations, and private law firms where interested individuals can experience food law and policy in action. In addition to the field of law, there are also a growing number of university, internship, and fellowship programs that offer opportunities to experience food policy in every area relating to food, from international non-profits that address food security, to universities that offer courses studying the anthropology of food.

The Food Law Society, in a partnership with the Food Law and Policy Clinic, prepared a Food Law and Policy Career Guide in 2014 to help law students and interested advocates find jobs, internships, and volunteer positions in the food policy field.  The Clinic released an updated version of the guide in 2017.

Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic Publications

The Food Law and Policy Clinic of the Harvard Law School Center for Health Law and Policy Innovation was established in 2010 in order to link Harvard Law students with opportunities to work with clients and communities on various food policy issues. It aims to increase access to healthy foods, prevent diet-related diseases such as obesity and type 2 diabetes, and assist small farmers and producers in participating in local food markets. The Clinic is led by the Food Law Society’s faculty adviser, Emily Broad Leib.

Legislative and Regulatory Recommendations to Allow Home Processing of Low-Risk Foods in Mississippi (PDF)

Expanding Farm to School in Mississippi: Analysis and Recommendations (PDF)

Mississippi WIC for the 21st Century (PDF)

Creating a More Efficient and Effective Food Safety System in Memphis and Shelby County (PDF)

HLS Mississippi Delta Project Publications

The HLS Mississippi Delta Project is a sister organization that works to improve health and promote economic development in the Delta. Since March 2009, Harvard Law School student teams have worked on legislation and advocacy related to food policy (among other public health and economic development issues) in the Mississippi Delta region.

Legislative Recommendations for a Statewide Farm to School Bill in Mississippi

Mississippi Farmers Markets: A Legal and Business Guide (PDF)

Increasing Federal Food Assistance Access at Farmers Markets in Mississippi: Analysis and Recommendations (PDF)

Legislative Recommendations and Innovations to Promote and Sustain Farmers Markets in Mississippi (PDF)