The Harvard Food Justice Symposium aims to address the impact of America’s food system on our health, economy, and environment. At a moment when systemic inequities shape the kind and quality of food available to our communities, FJS examines the competing priorities and legal challenges that obstruct the food justice movement.

The Symposium will attract attorneys, policy experts, and practitioners from across industries and economic sectors to expose the Harvard legal community to myriad opportunities for impactful work in food law. Panels will target pressing systemic concerns and offer regulatory and entrepreneurial solutions for critical debate. FJS provides a forum for collaboration between diverse disciplines and introduces new voices to the food justice movement. We hope to inspire attendees—whether as activists or eaters—to shape policy and to advocate for the future on their plates.

Presented by the Harvard Food Law Society, the Harvard Environmental Law Society, the Harvard Human Rights and Business Law Students Association, the Prison Legal Assistance Project, and the Mississippi Delta Project.


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