Massachusetts Institute of Technology Faculty and Courses

The following is a list of faculty, their expertise and courses that LIDS members may find to be of interest at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  These lists do not represent a comprehensive list of law and development offerings at MIT, and these courses and/or faculty members may not be offered every year, but they are meant to be useful suggestions for students interested in law and development.

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Professor Name Areas of Interest Courses Taught
Amy Smith
  • appropriate technology


  • D-Lab


Bish Sanyal
  • Urban economy and housing
  • Planning institutions and processes
  • Role of NGOs in development



  • Informal Sector and Household Economy
  • D-Lab
  • Shelter, Settlement and Development: Design and Planning Challenges of Contemporary Indian Cities
Victor Grau Serrat
  • Co-director at D-Lab
  • Role of technology in development


Esther Duflo
  • – microeconomic issues in developing countries, including household behavior, education, access to finance, health and policy evaluation


  • Foundations of Development Policy
  • The Challenge of World Poverty


Abhijit Banerjee
  • development economics
  • economic theory


  • Political Economy
Richard Locke
  • labor standards
  • globalization
  • entrepreneurship in developing countries
  • corporate social responsibility


Roberto Rigobon
  • development economics
  • monetary economics
  • international economics


  • Sustainable Development and Social Entrepreneurship
Simon Johnson
  • financial and economic crises


Alex (Sandy) Pentland
  • wearable computers, health systems and technology for developing countries


  • Development Ventures


Susan Murcott
  • water and sanitation


  • Water and Sanitation Infrastructure in Developing Countries


Diane Davis
  • comparative urban politics and policy
  • relations between urban and national development
  • insecurity and violence in cities in developing world
  • cities and globalization


  • Transnationalism and Development


Annette Kim
  • cities in transition countries
  • property rights
  • project appraisal
  • public finance in development countries


  • Urban Public Finance in Developing Countries
  • Housing Problems and Policies in Developing Countries
  • Property Rights Under Transition
  • Project Evaluation in Developing Countries
Balakrishnan Rajagopal (Ford International Associate Professor of Law and Development)
  • human rights and international development planning
  • comparative and international approaches to constitutional law and land use law
  • impact of international law on globalization and governance of cities and countries
  • relationships between social movements, law and sociopolitical and cultural change


  • Introduction to International Development Planning
  • Human Rights in Theory and Practice
  • Property Rights Under Transition
  • Governance and Law in Development Countries
Dave Donaldson
  • development economics
  • international trade


  • The Challenge of World Poverty


Robert Townsend
  • risk and insurance in development countries


  • Developmetn Economics: Macro Issues


Michael Greenstone
  • environmental economics
  • economic and helath impacts of indoor air pollution, climate change, air pollution, and clean water in developing countries


Reinhard Goethert
  • design of housing and housing policy in developing countries
  • participatory planning methdologies
  • participation of private enterprise


  • Structuring Low Income Housing Projects in Developing Countries


Judith Tendler
  • performance of public services in developing countries
  • subnational economic development
  • organizational behavior


  • Political Economy of Development Projects: Targeting the Poor


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