Other Resources

LIDS is part of a broader academic and practitioner community, within Harvard, the United States and globally. The following resources are examples of some of the best work being done at the intersection of law and development practice around the world.

Chris Blattman

Center for Global Development

Wronging Rights

Evan Lieberman

Acumen Fund

Duncan Green

Poverty Matters (The Guardian)

Opalo’s Weblog

Stanford Social Innovation Review

The Next Billion

Law and Development Blog

Development Impact (World Bank)

Prospects for Development (Dani Rodrik, World Bank)

Books and Journal Articles

David Trubek & Alvaro Santos, The New Law and Economic Development: A Critical Appraisal
(Cambridge University Press, 2006).
Mariana Prado, “What is Law and Development” in Revista Argetina de Teoria Juridica, Volumen 11 (Octubre de 2010).
Kevin Davis & Michael Trebilcock, “The Relationship between Law and Development: Optimists vs. Skeptics” (2008) 56 Amer. J. Comp. L. 895.
Kenneth W. Dam, The Law-Growth Nexus (Brookings University Press, 2006)

Interesting Initiatives
Yale Development Clinic

The International Senior Lawyers Program

Financial Times’ “Innovative Lawyer
Law and Development Review

International Transactions Clinic at Michigan Law School

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