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LIDS Global, Volume I: Issues in Combating Transnational Corruption

LIDS Global and its partner schools produced an innovative, inaugural research project during the 2013-2014 school year. Building off on the LIDS White Paper, “Access to Remedies for Public Harm Caused by Foreign Public Bribery: Proposals for Legal Reform in the U.S.,” the LIDS Global partner schools undertook research pertaining to a particular issue related to corruption and options for compensation in their respective regions. The schools shared their findings in papers, which have been compiled as LIDS Global, Volume I: Issues in Combating Transnational Corruption.

LIDS Global, Volume II: The Role of Freedom of Information in Combatting Corruption

For its second effort, LIDS Global and its partner schools explored the use of one tool that may be underused in the fight against corruption — Freedom of Information Laws. FOI laws, like the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) in the U.S., already play a prominent role in investigative journalism and other tangential efforts to combat corruption, but they rarely seem to play a part in direct legal proceedings against corrupt actors. This paper focuses on how these powerful laws could be used to produce valuable, legally-actionable evidence for use in the global fight against corruption. Find Volume II here.

Overview of LIDS Global

LIDS Global is an exciting initiative through which LIDS has been fostering relationships with law school students outside of the United States who have similar interests in international development issues. Along with helping a few schools create their own international development organizations, LIDS Global coordinates collaborative research projects with the contribution of participating schools.

If you have any questions about LIDS Global or are interested in collaborating with LIDS, please contact the Vice Presidents of Collaborations, Ishita Kala and Chris Crawford.

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