Harvard Kennedy School Faculty and Courses

The following is a list of faculty, their expertise and courses that LIDS members may find to be of interest at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.  These lists do not represent a comprehensive list of law and development offerings at HKS, and these courses and/or faculty members may not be offered every year, but they are meant to be useful suggestions for students interested in law and development.

For a complete listing of HKS courses, please click here. Please send along suggestions or ideas for improvement to lids@mail.law.harvard.edu.  Thanks!

Professor Name Areas of Interest Courses Taught
Guy Stuart
  • microfinance
  • economic development


  • Microfinance in Theory and Practice
  • Operations Management
William Clark
  • interations of environment, development and security concerns in international affairs
  • role of science and technology in international affairs
  • Managing a Living Planet: How Interactions Among Population, Health, Resources & Environment Shape the Stage of Global Affairs
Swanee Hunt
  • integrating women in peace processes
  • role of women in post-Communist Europe
  • Inclusive Security
Pippa Norris
  • democracy and development
  • public opinion and elections
  • political communications
  • gender politics
  • Democratic Governance
  • Challenges of Democratization
  • Comparative Politics in Global Perspective
Asim Khwaja
  • economic development
  • finance
  • education
  • political economy
  • institutions
  • Advanced Micro Analysis II
  • Firms and Finance in Developing Countries
Rohini Pande
  • Economic analysis of the politics and consequences of different forms of redistribution in developing countries
  • Economic Development: Theory, Policy, and Evidence
  • The Design of Development Policy: From Research to Practice
  • Development Economics II: Macroeconomic and Institutional Issues
Jeffrey Frankel
  • International macroeconomics
  • Advanced Macro
  • Economics of International Financial Policy
Calestous Juma
  • Role of science and technology in international development
  • Agriculture
  • Technological Innovation and Development Policy
  • Technology and Sustainability
Lant Pritchett
  • International development
  • Development economics
  • World Bank
  • Applications and Cases in International Development
Dwight Perkins
  • Economic development in East and Southeast Asia
  • Transition from central planning to market economy
  • Long-term agricultural development
  • Industry policy
  • Role of economic and legal institutions in East Asian growth
David Brown
  • NGOs, organizational behavior
  • Institution-building that focusers sustainable development and social transformation
  • Social movements
  • World Bank
John Ruggie
  • Corporate social responsibility
Stephen Peterson
  • Public financial management and international development
  • Foreign Aid and the Management of Development Assistance Projects
  • Political and Economic Development
Christopher Stone
  • Criminal justice reform worldwide
  • Workshop on Crime and Criminal Justice Reform in Global Context
Robert Lawrence
  • International trade and economics
  • The Economics of Trade Policy
  • The Political Economy of Trade
Merilee Grindle
  • Latin America
  • Comparative analysis of policymaking, implementation, and public management in developing countries
  • The Politics of Development Policy
Dani Rodrik
  • Economic development
  • International economics
  • Political economy
  • Globalization and its consequences
  • The Past, Present, and Future of Globalization
  • The Policy Challenges of Globalization: Trade and Industrial Policy
  • Economic Development: Theory, Policy, and Evidence
Rema Hanna
  • How to improve the provision of public services in developing countries
Matt Andrews
  • Public sector reform
  • Participatory governance
  • Getting Things Done: Management in a Development Context
  • Money Management and Policy Implementation in Developing Countries
Amitabh Chandra
  • Health economics
  • The Economics of Health and Development
Martha Chen
  • Links between employment, poverty and gender
  • South Asia
  • The Informal Economy: Links with Poverty, Growth, and Economic Crises
Ricardo Hausmann
  • Economic growth
  • Macroeconomic stability
  • International finance
  • Social dimensions of development
  • Development Policy Strategy
  • Why Are So Many Countries Poor, Volatile, and Unequal?
Henry Lee
  • Energy and technology
  • Environmental management
  • Geopolitics of oil and gas
  • Public infrastruture projects in developing countries
  • Management, Finance, and Regulation of Public Infrastructure
Dan Levy
  • Quantitative methods and evaluation of development programs
Jay Rosengard
  • Public finance, tax reform, banking and financial institutions development, microfinance, etc. in developing countries
Ryan Sheely
  • Public goods provision and state capacity in Africa
  • Institutions and Development
Monica Singhal
  • Public finance, specifically fiscally federalism, redistribtuion, and public finance in developing countries
John Thomas
  • Managing change in developing countries
  • Land reform, poverty alleviation, organization capacity, and policy change strategies
Michael Walton
  • international development
  • poverty reduction strategies

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