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The following is a list of faculty, their expertise and courses that LIDS members may find to be of interest at the Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Economics Department.  These lists do not represent a comprehensive list of law and development offerings at FAS, and these courses and/or faculty members may not be offered every year, but they are meant to be useful suggestions for students interested in law and development.

Please send along suggestions or ideas for improvement to lids@mail.law.harvard.edu.  Thanks!

Professor Name Areas of Interest Courses Taught
Phillippe Aghion
  • Economic theory
  • Development
  • Industrial organization


Pol Antras
  • Contractual frictions in international trade
  • The international organization of production
  • Patterns of industrialization.


Eric Chaney
  • Middle East Economic History


Richard Cooper
  • Primary Fields of Interest: International economics, including both international trade and international monetary economics, international environmental and energy issues.
    Research Topics: Integrating China into the world economic system.


David Cutler
  • Primary Fields of Interest: Public economics, health economics.
    Research Topics: Why people are in better health, the impact of medical care on the public sector, racial and ethnic segregation.


Erica Field
  • Primary Fields of Interest: Development economics, labor economics.
    Research Topics: Economic demography, microeconomic analysis of development, property rights, health and development.


Richard Freeman
  • Primary Fields of Interest: Labor economics and institutions, inequality, crime, philanthropy, European labor markets, computer simulation modeling, trade unionism.
    Research Topics: Growth and decline of unions, effects of immigration and trade on inequality, restructuring European welfare states, Chinese labor markets, poverty and crime, self-organizing non-union in the labor market, employee involvement programs.



Gita Gopinath
  • International macroeconomics and trade.



Richard Hornbeck
  • Economic History and Development



Dale Jorgenson
  • Economic growth in China, investment in human capital, international comparisons


Michael Kremer
  • Economic development, health and education in the developing world.


Stephen Marglin
  • Theory, history, development, methodology.


Marc Melitz
  • Primary Fields of Interest: International Trade and Investment
    Research Topics: Producer-level responses to globalization


Sendhil Mullainathan
  • Poverty, Development


Nathan Nunn
  • International Trade
  • Development Economics
  • Economic History


Amartya Sen
  • Social choice theory, welfare economics, theory of measurement, development, public health, gender studies, moral and political philosophy, the economics of war and peace


Martin Weitzman
  • Environmental economics, economics of biodiversity, limits to growth, green accounting, discounting, economics of global warming


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