Social and Networking Activities


CLA facilitates social and networking activities among CLA members, faculty, and students of HLS and from other schools at Harvard. Some select activities include:

  • On Thursday, Feb 23rd, 2017, CLA hosted a Chinese student mixer with students from Harvard Business school and Harvard Kennedy School.                                             4850413495832169079191309941151529570 1560083104
  • On Sunday Jan 29th, 2017, CLA hosted a Chinese New Year Celebration Dinner. Chinese food and dumplings were served.       1748638638815537721264306293 1579584690
  • On Friday December 2nd, 2016, CLA organized End-of-Semester Table for Four Dinner and Game Night. Students from different class years and programs are mixed up, and participating members got a chance to get to know other CLA members.
  • In fall semester, 2016, CLA hosted a Mid-Autumn Festival celebration on September 17. Chinese food and moon-cakes were served.
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  • In spring semester, 2016, CLA hosted a Chinese New Year celebration on February 14. We made dumplings together and Chinese food was served.12697280_896572807127769_3069641373438131106_o57472972-b7e4-4c95-b255-ed7a8df43b13
  • In fall semester, 2015, CLA hosted a Mid-Autumn Festival celebration in September. We made hotpots together and moon-cakes were served.12063786_830234420428275_1346791338414764592_n 12038475_1098703806809143_5342823607383155123_n12042919_830234570428260_6973427519629441360_n 12032152_830234680428249_6977760611095012817_n
  • In spring semester, 2014, CLA hosted a Chinese New Year celebration on January 30, which was attended by 70 people. [Chinese food was served, and we played CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala during the event.
  • In September 2014, CLA hosted a Mid-Autumn Festival celebration as well as CLA’s welcome event for the new students. We offered Chinese food homemade mooncakes. About 50 people celebrated the festival joyfully together.
  • CLA hosted a series of movie night events. We’ve watched the movies “The Story of Qiu Ju”, “Gua Shua”, “The Unwritten Law” and “Coming Back”, all well-known Chinese movies which reflect the reality of Chinese society and legal system. Students who attended these events told us they are very interested in and enjoyed the comparative angle of this movie. We plan to organize more movie nights in the future.

In addition, we plan to organize more diverse social events for our members, which may include a trip to New Jersey, an apple picking event, and a meet-and-greet event with our counterparts at Harvard Business School and Harvard Kennedy School.