Executive Board

Current Executive Board (2021–22)

Lin, Qianfeng (Co-President)

Email: qlin@jd23.law.harvard.edu

Qianfeng is a 3L from Hangzhou, China. He graduated from Shanghai University of International Business and Economics in 2015 with a B.A. in Event Management and Economics. He then moved to New York City, picked up a Master of Social Work from Columbia University, and worked as a social worker for two years in Brooklyn. At HLS, he is a member of the Board of Student Advisers and also involved in the Tenant Advocacy Project. He spent his 1L summer at a private-public interest firm in New York and his 2L summer as a Summer Associate at Linklaters in Singapore. In his free time, you can find him playing board games, binge-watching sci-fi shows, and pouring rookie latte art.


Gu, Haozhou (Lawrence) (Co-President)

Email: hgu@jd23.law.harvard.edu

Lawrence is a third-year law student at Harvard Law School. Originally from Chengdu, China, Lawrence studied history and government, with a focus on modern East Asia, at Harvard College and speaks Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. At HLS, Lawrence is also involved in the Harvard International Law Journal and the Harvard Asia Law Society. Lawrence spent his 1L summer working at Nishimura & Asahi and Kim & Chang. He spent his 2L summer at Davis Polk & Wardwell’s New York office.


Wang, Xiantao (Scott) (Vice President,  Academic Affairs & Community Outreach)

Email: xwang@jd24.law.harvard.edu

Scott is a second-year student from Shanghai, China. Before coming to HLS, he studied Sociology and Data Science at UC Berkeley. At HLS, he is involved in the Harvard Legal Aid Bureau (HLAB), the Harvard Law Entrepreneurship Project (HLEP), and the Coalition Coalition of International Students and Global Affairs (CISGA). He also plays on the Harvard Table Tennis Team. Besides Mandarin, he enjoys speaking and learning Cantonese, Shanghainese, and Hokkien. Scott spent his 1L summer at the Data and Evidence for Justice Reform (DE JURE) program at the World Bank.

As VP Academic, Scott is looking forward to serving CLA members by organizing academic events and facilitating mentorship opportunities.


Fang, Hui (Vice President, Social and Cultural affairs)

Email: hfang@jd24.law.harvard.edu

Hui is a 2L born and raised in Anhui, China. She graduated from China Foreign Affairs University where she majored in English and International Studies. Hui spent her 1L summer at Dovel & Luner, a plaintiff-side litigation boutique based at Santa Monica, LA. During her leisure time, Hui enjoys reading, watching movies, camping, making coffee and hunting for good food in the Boston area.
As VP for Social and Cultural Affairs, Hui is responsible for organizing social events for CLA members throughout the year and on special Chinese holidays.



Zhou, Yue (Heather) (Vice President, Professional Affairs)

Email: yzhou@jd24.law.harvard.edu

Heather is a 2L student at HLS. Born and raised in Chengdu, China, she attended Duke University and studied French, public policy and literature. Prior to law school, she worked at a public interest law firm and a litigation boutique in Beijing, China. At HLS, Heatehr is actively involved in APALSA, Journal of Law and Gender and the Harvard Mediation Program. Heather spent her 1L summer interning at the Rhode Island AGO’s civil rights division and updating the Law of Asylum in the United States treaties. She will be working at Sullivan & Cromwell’s New York office next summer.
As VP for Professional Affairs, Heather seeks to connect incoming students with career opportunities in both private and public sectors.


Shen, Yufei (Treasurer)

Email: yshen@jd24.law.harvard.edu

Yufei is a 2L born and raised in Beijing. She graduated from Peking University with a bachelor’s degree in International Politics. She also earned a master’s degree of Public Administration from Columbia University. Before law school, she worked as an associate at Tian Yuan Law Firm in Beijing, focusing on cross-border M&A deals. In her free time, she enjoys reading novels, watching movies and ice skating. She spent her 1L summer at Dovel & Luner, a plaintiff’s side litigation boutique in Santa Monica.


Tang, Xinyu (Louise) (Symposium Chairs)

Email: xtang@jd24.law.harvard.edu

Louise is a second-year student originally from Shanghai, China. Louise graduated from Cornell University, where she studied Economics and Government and minored in Information Science. At HLS, Louise is also involved in the Harvard Business Law Review, Harvard Asia Law Society, and Coalition of International Students and Global Affairs. She spent her 1L summer at the New York State Office of the Attorney General. In her free time, you can find Louse watching TV shows, practicing Spanish, working out, playing with Legos, and exploring restaurants. As Symposium Chair, Louise is looking forward to fostering intercultural discussions through diverse panels and speeches.


Lucy H. (Symposium Chairs) 

Lucy is a 2L at HLS. She grew up moving between Beijing, China and London, UK. Lucy graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles in 2020 with a degree in Mathematics of Computation. She then spent a year tutoring math in LA. At HLS, Lucy is also involved in the Harvard Journal of Law and Technology, APALSA, and West Coast Club. She spent her 1L summer working in IP litigation at Morrison & Foerster in LA, and she will be spending her 2L summer at Latham & Watkins in LA. In her free time, Lucy enjoys journaling, traveling, and trying out new restaurants. This semester, she is also going to try to learn contemporary dance.



Xiang, Wenda (Vice President, Communications)

Email: wxiang@jd23.law.harvard.edu

Wenda is a third-year J.D. student at Harvard Law School from Shenzhen, China. He graduated from the University of Notre Dame, majored in Political Science and Philosophy. At HLS, he joined the Harvard Negotiation Journal and Harvard Prison Legal Assistance Project. During his 2L summer, Wenda interned at Skadden.

As VP for Communications, Wenda works closely with the Co-Presidents and the rest of the Executive Board to facilitate internal and external communications of the organization.



Past Executive Board Members

      • Co-Presidents: Qingyuan(Kimberly) Guo (JD ’22), Yaoshi(Kevin) Li (JD ’22)
      • Treasurer: Linda (JD ’23)
      • VP External: Mengshi(Emma) Li (LLM ‘ 22)
      • VP Academics: Haozhou(Lawrence) Gu (JD ’22)
      • VP Professional: Shengnan(Jackson) Xu (JD ‘ 23)
      • VP Social & Cultural: Siqi Zhao (JD ‘ 22)
      • Symposium Chairs: Qianfeng Lin (JD ’23)
      • VP Communications: Wenda Xiang (JD ’23)
      • Co-Presidents: Shuyu Sun (JD ’21), Steven Wang (JD ’21)
      • Treasurer: Siqi Zhao (JD ’22)
      • VP External: Chao Zhang (LLM ’21)
      • VP Academics: Kimberly Guo (JD ’22)
      • VP Professional: Ray Wang (JD ‘ 21)
      • VP Social & Cultural: Yifeng Yuan (JD ‘ 21)
      • Symposium Chairs: Rosalind Liang (JD ’22), Yaoshi(Kevin) Li (JD ’22)
      • VP Communications: Lilian Zhao (JD ’22)
      • Co-Presidents: Junxiao (Aldrich) Huang (JD ’20), Peiyu Yu (JD ’20)
      • Treasurer: Yi He (JD ’21)
      • VP External: Yang (Berton) Wang (LLM ’20)
      • VP Academics: Steven Wang (JD ’21)
      • VP Professional: Jingyi (Cynthia) Tan (JD ’21)
      • VP Social & Cultural: Jiayi Lin (JD ’20)
      • Symposium Chairs: Minqian (Lucy) Chen (JD ’21), Yihan Zhuang (JD ’21)
      • VP Communications: Shuyu Sun (JD ’21)
      • Co-Presidents: Qineng Shi (JD ’19), Yanbing Chu (JD ’19)
      • Treasurer: Gao Song (JD ’20)
      • VP Academics: David Benger (JD ’20)
      • VP Professional: Junxiao (Aldrich) Huang (JD ’20)
      • VP Social & Cultural: Kevin Chu (JD ’20)
      • Symposium Chair: Dawei (David) Sun (JD ’20)
      • VP Internal: Peiyu Yu (JD ’20)
      • VP External: Zongguo (Ethan) Ying (LLM ’19)
      • VP Communications: Yurui Chen (JD ’20)
      • Co-Presidents: Zhengyuan Fan (JD’18), Yiting Li (JD’18)
      • Treasurer: Shuyu (Clarissa) Lu (JD’19)
      • VP Academics: Qineng Shi (JD’19)
      • VP Social: Yanbing Chu (JD’19)
      • VP External: John Tso (LLM’18)
      • VP Internal: Xinwei Li (JD’19)
      • Co-Presidents: Nyx (Xiyujin) He (JD’17), Chen Chen (JD’17)
      • Treasurer: Dawei Liu (JD’18)
      • VP Academics: Qing Han (JD’18)
      • VP Social: Yiting Li (JD’18)
      • VP External: Zhiping Zhu (LLM’17)
      • VP Internal: Zhengyuan Fan (JD’18)
      • Co-Presidents: Nyx (Xiyujin) He (JD’17), Chen Chen (JD’17)
      • Treasurer: Dan Li (JD’17)
      • VP Academics: Mengxi Zhu (JD’17)
      • VP Social: Yilun Zhou (JD’18)
      • VP External: Hui Ding (LLM’17)
      • VP Internal: Duan Duan (JD’18)
      • President: Ying Xia (SJD)
      • Executive Vice President: Nyx (Xiyujin) He (JD’18)
      • VP Academics: Chang Liu (JD’15)
      • VP Social: Menglu Wang (JD’15)
      • Director of Business Development: Donglin Xu (LLM’15)
      • VP Internal: Mengqi Zhang (JD’16)
      • President: Yueduan Wang (JD’15, SJD)
      • Co-president: Ethan Chen (LLM’13)
      • Co-Chair of External Communication: Jack Xu (JD’15), Anna Yuan (JD’14)
      • Co-Chair of Event Planning: Carol Liu (JD’15)
      • Standing Committee Members: Kemeng Cai (LLM’12, Visiting Scholar’13), Chang Liu (JD’15), Menglu Wang (JD’15), Ying Xia (SJD)
      • Treasurer: Mengyi Wang (JD’15)
      • Secretary-General: Yuanmei Lu (JD’15)