Executive Board

Current Executive Board (2021–22)

Guo, Qingyuan (Kimberly) (Co-President)

Email: qguo@jd22.law.harvard.edu

Kimberly is a third-year law student at Harvard Law School. Born and raised in Nanjing, China, she graduated from University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with dual degrees in Accounting and English Rhetoric. She also studied abroad in the Czech Republic during college. At HLS, she is a member of the Board of Student Advisors and also involved in the Harvard Association for Law & Business. Kimberly spent her 1L summer working remotely with the Minnesota AG’s Office and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. She split her 2L summer between Sullivan & Cromwell’s New York and London offices.
As Co-President, Kimberly looks forward to working closely with other board members to support the CLA community and facilitate relationships within and outside the Harvard campus.


Li, Yaoshi (Kevin) (Co-President)

Email: yli@jd22.law.harvard.edu

Kevin is a third-year J.D. student from Beijing, China. Before coming to Harvard, he studied Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at Magdalen College, University of Oxford. Kevin is interested in the intersection of law, business, and development. During the 1L summer, he served as a research assistant for the Program on Corporate Governance at HLS, with a focus on issues surrounding stakeholder governance. In the past summer, he worked as a summer associate for Skadden’s Hong Kong office. In his free time, Kevin enjoys playing with his corgi, Mocha, and watching variety shows.


Zhao, Siqi (Vice President, Social and Cultural affairs)

Email: szhao@jd22.law.harvard.edu

Siqi is a 3L born and raised in Chengdu, China. She is a graduate of Mount Holyoke College, where she majored in international relations. After college, Siqi went on to work for a market consulting firm in Beijing. She loves to cook and eat spicy food, from Sichuanese to Thai to Mexican. She is also passionate about Argentine tango, house plants, and hiking. This past summer, Siqi interned with Simpson Thacher New York.

As VP for Social and Cultural Affairs, Siqi is responsible for organizing social events for CLA members throughout the year and on special Chinese holidays.


Xu, Shengnan (Jackson) (Vice President, Professional Affairs

Email: sxu@jd23.law.harvard.ed

Jackson is a second-year law student at Harvard Law School. Growing up in Shenzhen, China, he graduated from Duke University with a major in Biology and minor in Psychology. After graduation but before law school, he worked in bioinformatics at Charlottesville, Virginia. At HLS he is also heavily involved in the Harvard Law Entrepreneurship Project (HLEP). Jackson split his 1L summer between Finnegan as well as the Beijing International Arbitration Commission.

As Professional Chair, Jackson seeks to connect students of all class years with career opportunities in Asia and elsewhere.


Gu, Haozhou (Lawrence) (Vice President,  Academic Affairs & Community Outreach)

Email: hgu@jd23.law.harvard.edu

Lawrence is a second-year law student at Harvard Law School. Originally from Chengdu, China, Lawrence studied history and government, with a focus on modern East Asia, at Harvard College and speaks Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. At HLS, Lawrence is also involved in the Harvard International Law Journal and the Harvard Asia Law Society. Lawrence spent his 1L summer working at Nishimura & Asahi and Kim & Chang. He will spend his 2L summer at Davis Polk & Wardwell’s New York office.

As Vice President for Academic Affairs & Community Outreach, Lawrence is excited about organizing study tip sessions and academic panels for CLA members.



Lin, Qianfeng (Symposium Chair)

Email: qlin@jd23.law.harvard.edu

Qianfeng is a second-year law student from Hangzhou, China. He received a B.A. from the Shanghai University of International Business and Economics and an M.S.W. from the Columbia University School of Social Work. Before law school, Qianfeng worked as a senior case manager at Community Counseling and Mediation, serving public housing tenants living in the underbelly of New York City. At HLS, Qianfeng is involved in the Coalition of International Students and Global Affairs and the Tenant Advocacy Project. He is also offered to join the Board of Student Advisers for the 2022-23 academic year. Qianfeng spent his 1L summer working remotely with Aaron Halegua, PLLC.

As Symposium Chair, Qianfeng works closely with the executive board to plan and organize the annual China Law Symposium. Each year, the Symposium focuses on hot legal issues involving China and the U.S. and brings together prominent speakers in the relevant fields to share their unique perspectives.


Linda (Treasurer)

Email: lxu@jd23.law.harvard.edu

Linda is a 2L at HLS. She was born in Shanghai and immigrated to Vancouver, Canada when she was 10. She double-majored in math and international relations at Mount Holyoke College. After graduation, she spent 3 years working for the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission as a data analyst. At HLS, Linda is also the Communications Chair for CISGA and leads a SibFam for APALSA. She spent her 1L summer interning for Just Atonement, Inc. working on climate change and human rights.



Xiang, Wenda (Vice President, Communications)

Email: wxiang@jd23.law.harvard.edu

Wenda is a second-year J.D. student at Harvard Law School from Shenzhen, China. He graduated from the University of Notre Dame, majored in Political Science and Philosophy. At HLS, he joined the Harvard Negotiation Journal and Harvard Prison Legal Assistance Project. During his 1L summer, Wenda interned at Becket Fund.

As VP for Communications, Wenda works closely with the Co-Presidents and the rest of the Executive Board to facilitate internal and external communications of the organization.


Past Executive Board Members

      • Co-Presidents: Shuyu Sun (JD ’21), Steven Wang (JD ’21)
      • Treasurer: Siqi Zhao (JD ’22)
      • VP External: Chao Zhang (LLM ‘ 21)
      • VP Academics: Qingyuan (Kimberly) Guo (JD ’22)
      • VP Professional: Ruichen (Ray) Wang (JD ‘ 21)
      • VP Social & Cultural: Yifeng Yuan (JD ‘ 21)
      • Symposium Chairs: Yaoshi (Kevin) Li (JD ’22), Xiao (Rosalind) Liang (JD ‘ 22)
      • VP Communications: Lilian Zhao (JD ’22)
      • Co-Presidents: Junxiao (Aldrich) Huang (JD ’20), Peiyu Yu (JD ’20)
      • Treasurer: Yi He (JD ’21)
      • VP External: Yang (Berton) Wang (LLM ’20)
      • VP Academics: Steven Wang (JD ’21)
      • VP Professional: Jingyi (Cynthia) Tan (JD ’21)
      • VP Social & Cultural: Jiayi Lin (JD ’20)
      • Symposium Chairs: Minqian (Lucy) Chen (JD ’21), Yihan Zhuang (JD ’21)
      • VP Communications: Shuyu Sun (JD ’21)
      • Co-Presidents: Qineng Shi (JD ’19), Yanbing Chu (JD ’19)
      • Treasurer: Gao Song (JD ’20)
      • VP Academics: David Benger (JD ’20)
      • VP Professional: Junxiao (Aldrich) Huang (JD ’20)
      • VP Social & Cultural: Kevin Chu (JD ’20)
      • Symposium Chair: Dawei (David) Sun (JD ’20)
      • VP Internal: Peiyu Yu (JD ’20)
      • VP External: Zongguo (Ethan) Ying (LLM ’19)
      • VP Communications: Yurui Chen (JD ’20)
      • Co-Presidents: Zhengyuan Fan (JD’18), Yiting Li (JD’18)
      • Treasurer: Shuyu (Clarissa) Lu (JD’19)
      • VP Academics: Qineng Shi (JD’19)
      • VP Social: Yanbing Chu (JD’19)
      • VP External: John Tso (LLM’18)
      • VP Internal: Xinwei Li (JD’19)
      • Co-Presidents: Nyx (Xiyujin) He (JD’17), Chen Chen (JD’17)
      • Treasurer: Dawei Liu (JD’18)
      • VP Academics: Qing Han (JD’18)
      • VP Social: Yiting Li (JD’18)
      • VP External: Zhiping Zhu (LLM’17)
      • VP Internal: Zhengyuan Fan (JD’18)
      • Co-Presidents: Nyx (Xiyujin) He (JD’17), Chen Chen (JD’17)
      • Treasurer: Dan Li (JD’17)
      • VP Academics: Mengxi Zhu (JD’17)
      • VP Social: Yilun Zhou (JD’18)
      • VP External: Hui Ding (LLM’17)
      • VP Internal: Duan Duan (JD’18)
      • President: Ying Xia (SJD)
      • Executive Vice President: Nyx (Xiyujin) He (JD’18)
      • VP Academics: Chang Liu (JD’15)
      • VP Social: Menglu Wang (JD’15)
      • Director of Business Development: Donglin Xu (LLM’15)
      • VP Internal: Mengqi Zhang (JD’16)
      • President: Yueduan Wang (JD’15, SJD)
      • Co-president: Ethan Chen (LLM’13)
      • Co-Chair of External Communication: Jack Xu (JD’15), Anna Yuan (JD’14)
      • Co-Chair of Event Planning: Carol Liu (JD’15)
      • Standing Committee Members: Kemeng Cai (LLM’12, Visiting Scholar’13), Chang Liu (JD’15), Menglu Wang (JD’15), Ying Xia (SJD)
      • Treasurer: Mengyi Wang (JD’15)
      • Secretary-General: Yuanmei Lu (JD’15)