OUR MISSION | Educate, support, and inspire law students in their engagement with cities, towns, and neighborhoods.

The HLS Urbanists is a student-run organization at Harvard Law School that convenes a diverse community interested in the critical legal issues affecting the world’s cities.

We seek to:

Understand the ways in which laws, policy, urban development, technology, land use planning, and transportation organize our cities.

Engage in discussion, exploration, and activism in our shared pursuit of stronger places.

Create a community that supports active dialogue and camaraderie among its members, at HLS and beyond.





Field trip to Superpedestrian HQ

Our primary objective is to congregate a community of Urbanists. We welcome all: those interested in state & local government, emerging technology, real estate, land use, urban planning, education, criminal justice reform, community organizing…or anything else.


We’ll organize speaking events, lead field trips, screen films, and host social events to develop this community. We hope to create a centralized space for the discussion of urban and land use issues in cities around the metropolitan area, country, and world.

We are Harvard Law School’s branch of the Harvard Real Estate Consortium (“HSREC”), which coordinates interdisciplinary events and initiatives across Harvard University.