HLS students interested in cities should seek out relevant courses at other Harvard schools and MIT.  Below are links to general cross-registration information and a small sample of courses that Urbanists may be interested in.  Make sure to browse each school’s complete course listings, as well as courses in other departments at each university, for more and more varied options tailored to your specific interests.

Many city-related courses are cross-listed between HKS and GSD, so you can technically cross-register into either school, and the list below is sometimes arbitrary in deciding which school to list a course for.  Note, though, that the grade you receive on your transcript reflect’s the home school’s grading system, so if you cross-register into HKS you will get a grade from A to F, but GSD has a simplified grading system similar to HLS.

Information from HLS about cross-registering at other schools

Harvard cross-registration course catalogue (often not as up to date as each individual school’s course webpage)

Spring 2017 Courses

Harvard Kennedy School of Government (HKS) courses

Complete Spring 2017 HKS course listing

SUP-601 — Urban Politics, Planning, and Development

MLD-410 — State and Local Financial Policy

MLD-621 — Innovation Field Lab: Public Problem Solving in Massachusetts Cities

SUP-662 — Housing and Urbanization in Global Cities

SUP-666 — Affordable and Mixed-Income Housing, Development, Finance, and Management

Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD) courses

Complete Spring 2017 GSD course listing

SES-5103 — Public and Private Development

SES-5275 — Advanced Real Estate Finance

SES-5276 — Building and Leading Real Estate Enterprises and Entrepreneurship

SES-5304 — Transportation Planning and Development

SES-5337 — Housing and Urbanization in Global Cities

SES-5339 — Economic Development in Urban Planning

SES-5368 — Urban Infrastructure, Environment, and Sustainability

SES-5434 — Creating Real Estate Ventures: A Legal Perspective

SES-5469 — Environmental Planning and Sustainable Development

Harvard Business School (HBS) courses

Note that HBS’s schedule is a bit idiosyncratic.

Complete Fall 2016-Spring 2017 HBS Course Schedule

1487 — Building Sustainable Cities and Infrastructure

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Urban Planning courses

Complete Spring 2017 MIT Urban PLanning course listing

11.367 — The Law and Politics of Land Use

11.526J — Comparative Land Use and Transportation Planning

11.543J — Transportation Policy, the Environment, and Livable Communities

Joint degree programs