Law & Government Program of Study

  • HLS has seven programs of study which host events and provide career and course guidance.  The Law & Government Program of Study’s website has some good resources for those interested in working for cities, and the Program often hosts events relating to local government, which you can keep track of through the Program’s facebook page.

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Courses and professors

  • Local Government Law is taught at least once each year, usually by HLS’s long-time local government law scholar Gerald Frug.  Susan Crawford is a newer faculty member at the Law School (and faculty sponsor for the HLS Urbanists), and teaches City Use of Technology and the Responsive Communities Lab.
  • Other courses that may be of specific interest to Urbanists are Housing Law and Policy, those related to real estate, such as Spring 2017’s Real Estate Law, and State Constitutional Law, taught every winter term by Judge Jeffrey Sutton.  Additionally, Judge David Barron, formerly a local government law scholar and professor at HLS (among other things), still teaches some courses at the Law School.
  • Of course, because almost all issues are, in some sense, urban issues, there are many other courses for those interested in cities, from Environmental Law to Criminal Procedure to Education Law and Policy.

Clinics and Student Practice Organizations