Past Success

HLS FDI Team (2013)

The 2013 FDI Team



The Vis Hong Kong Team won the Honorable Mention for the David Hunter Award of Best Claimant Memoranda. The Vis Vienna Team advanced into elimination rounds.



The Harvard FDI Moot team finished third in the world in its first-ever entry in the FDI moot competition.
Jessup: Harvard advanced to the quarter-finals of the New York round, receiving awards for oral and written advocacy.

In the Vis Commercial Arbitration Moot, five members of the Harvard Law team received honorable mentions for oral advocacy in Vienna and Hong Kong.

The WTO team finished first in the Americas round, and advanced to the quarter-finals of the global round in Geneva, winning an award for best overall written submissions.

HLS WTO Moot Court Team Wins North American Regional


The Vis Hong Kong Team reached the Round of 8 and received Honorable Mention awards for the Claimant brief. Captain Tarik Elhussein received an Honorable Mention for oral argument.

The Vis Vienna Team reached the Round of 4 and received the Best Brief award for the Claimant brief and Honorable mention for the Respondent brief. In addition, Captain Jessica Moyer and Jessica Beess und Chrostin received Honorable Mentions for oral argument.

The Jessup Team reached the quarterfinals of the Northeast Regional Round in New York, with Aaron Marcus and Brett Stark placing in the top 20 for their oral argument performances.

Previous Teams

HLS students win honors at international commercial arbitration moot competitions in Vienna and Hong Kong (May 2009)

International moot court team advances to quarterfinals (April 2007)

Harvard’s Jessup team wins second place at New England regional competition (March 2007)

HLS European Law Moot Court team wins second place (March 2007)

A Harvard first in European law championship (April 2005)

HLS Jessup Moot Court Team wins regionals (March 2005)

Students compete for European law championship (March 2005)

Moot Court Team Wins U.S. Championship (March 2002) 

HLS Team Wins Northeast Regional Moot Court Round (March 2002)