Recent Law & Philosophy Scholarship

Faculty Scholarship

Richard Fallon, “Three Symmetries between Textualist and Purposivisit Theories of Statutory Interpretation–And the Irreducible Roles of Values and Judgment within Both,” 99 Cornell L. Rev. 685 (2014).

Charles Fried, Contracts as Promises, 2nd ed. (2015).

John C. P. Goldberg & Robert H. Sitkoff, “Torts and Estates: Remedying Wrongful Interference with Inheritance,” 65 Stan. L. Rev. 335 (2013).

F. M. Kamm (and Eric Rakowski, editor), The Trolley Problem Mysteries(2015)

T. M. Scanlon,Being Realistic about Reasons (2014).

Student Scholarship

Gustavo Ribeiro, No Need to Toss a Coin: Conflicting Scientific Testimonies and Intellectual Due Process,” 12 Law, Probability & Risk 299 (2013).