Reading Groups

We are thrilled to invite you to participate in our new reading group on Joseph Raz’s The Authority of Law, organized by Max Diamond. We will be hosting weekly discussions of The Authority of Law, which is a collection of essays. That will facilitate your participation even if attending every discussion is not possible. Some friends from the philosophy department will also be there. The reading group meets every Sunday at 6:00 pm at R.F. O’Sullivan & Son on Beacon Street, Somerville. Please email us at to add yourself to our reading group’s mailing list. 

Next semester, we will also hold a reading group on the nature of the rule of law in a free and democratic society, organized by Eleftheria Papadaki. In this reading group, we will have the chance to read canonical works in the history of moral and political philosophy and debate the role of law, legal education, and citizenship in our democracy. Details will follow.