HALS Board 2023-2024

Bomie Lee


Bomie Lee ('24)

Bomie grew up in Seoul and Houston. She attended the George Washington University, where she majored in International Affairs and Geography. Before coming to law school, Bomie worked at a government relations and public policy consulting firm in Bangkok. She enjoys traveling, playing tennis and soccer, and exploring markets and street food stalls.

Jack Ma


Jack Ma ('24)

Jack grew up in Beijing, China, and graduated from Cornell University, where he studied
philosophy, classics, and business. He is interested in corporate and business law and worked for
Kirkland & Ellis LLP in the past summer. He enjoys reading, traveling, and playing tennis in his
free time.

Linda Wen

Social Chair

Linda Wen ('24)

Linda Wen is from Villanova, Pennsylvania. She graduated from Georgetown University in 2021, where she majored in Government and English. She worked at Legal Services NYC her 1L summer. On campus, she is also involved with APALSA and the Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinic. In her free time, she enjoys bullet journaling, thrifting, and going on hikes.

Casey Wang

Asia Business Conference Chair

Casey Wang ('25)

Casey is from Atlanta, GA. She studied international business at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service and the Yenching Academy of Peking University. Before law school, she worked in the U.S. Department of Commerce and the U.S. Consulate in Shanghai. Casey enjoys art and design, badminton, pool/snooker, and table tennis.

Michael Tian

Academic & Professional Chair

Michael Tian ('25)

Michael Tian studied International Relations and Economics at Brown University. Born in Jiangsu, China and growing up in the U.S., Michael is deeply interested in East-West relations and improving cultural understanding between his two homes.

Hayoung Lee


Hayoung Lee ('24)

Hayoung grew up in Korea and Virginia. She holds a B.A. in Business Management from BYU. Hayoung her past summer at Sidley Austin. In her leisure time, Hayoung enjoys hiking, traveling, and spending time at the beach.

Margaret Siu

Delegation Chair

Margaret Siu ('25)

Margaret Siu, a JD candidate at Harvard Law School, focuses on U.S.-East Asian economic statecraft. A Marshall Scholar, she holds M.Sc. degrees from Oxford and the London School of Economics. She serves on the executive board of the Harvard International Law Journal and founded Apricity Magazine. Previously, she worked for the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company’s (TSMC) Corporate and Compliance Legal Division.

Jaebok Lee

Delegation Chair

Jaebok Lee ('25)

Jaebok is a 2L from Seoul, Korea. He graduated from Georgetown University, where he majored in International Affairs. Before coming to law school, he served in the Republic of Korea Army Judge Advocate General's Corps. On campus, he has served on the boards of the Harvard International Law Journal and APALSA.

Angeni Wang

Social Chair

Angeni Wang ('24)

Angeni Wang is from Vancouver, Canada. She graduated from the Eastman School of Music in 2021, where she studied piano performance and music theory. During her 1L summer, Angeni worked in the Civil Rights Bureau of the New York Attorney General's Office. In her free time, she enjoys writing music, doodling, and playing Avalon.

Yao Li

Asia Business Conference Chair

Yao Li ('24)

Yao grew up moving between cities in China, Canada, and the U.S. She graduated from the University of Waterloo in 2020 with a Bachelor of Mathematics and in 2021 with a Master of Accounting. She spent her past summers working at MCLLP (LA) and DPW (NY). In her free time, she enjoys reading, watercolor painting, and hiking.

Hongyi Li

Academic & Professional Chair

Hongyi Li ('25)

Hongyi grew up in Shanghai, China. Prior to law school, he studied Philosophy at Fudan University, Cornell University, and University College London. He is interested in the ways we live our lives and the ways we live our lives well. He spent his 1L summer at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Past HALS Boards

Co-President: Lawrence Gu (’23)

Co-President: Jason Wu (’22)

Treasurer: Shuhan Zhang (’23)

Academic & Professional Chair: Louise Tang (’24)

Delegation Chair: Matthew Meehan (’23)

ABC Chair: Worthy Cho (’24)

ABC Chair: Bomie Lee (’24)

Social Chair: Linda Wen (’24)

Social Chair: Angeni Wang (’24)

Co-President: Lukas Roth (’22)

Co-President: Eddy Zheng (’22)

Treasurer: Shuhan Zhang (’23)

Academic & Professional Chair: Jason Wu (’23)

Academic & Professional Chair: Lawrence Gu (’23)

Delegation Chair: Chris Arce (’22)

Delegation Chair: Jan van der Kuijp (’22)

ABC Chair: Chris Arce (’22)

ABC Chair: Wentao Zhai (’22)

Social Chair: Nash Santhanam (’22)

Co-President: April Xu (’21)

Co-President: Keir Negron (’21)

Treasurer: Yifeng Yuan (’21)

Academic & Professional Chair: Jason Wu (’23)

Academic & Professional Chair: Lawrence Gu (’23)

Delegation Chair: Lukas Roth (’22)

Delegation Chair: Eddy Zheng (’22)

ABC Chair: Lilian Zhao (’22)

ABC Chair: Amanda Jin (’22)

Alumni Relations Chair: Eric Paik (’22)

Co-President: Lu Meng (’20)

Co-President: Joseph Yim (’20)

Delegation Chair: William Liang (’20)

Delegation Chair: Tue Tran (’20)

Treasurer: Chloe Liu (’21)

Academic & Professional Chair: Eric Paik (’21)

Academic & Professional Chair: Lingyue Xu (’20)

ABC Chair: Keir Negron (’21)

ABC Chair: Ray Wang (’21)

Social Chair: Crystal Lee (’21)

Co-President: Evelyn Chang (’19)

Co-President: Trevor Grayeb (’19)

Professional Chair: Joseph Yim (’20)

ABC Chair: Lu Meng (’20)

ABC Chair: Stella Mao (’20)

Delegation Chair: Philip Stachnik (’19)

Delegation Chair: June Han (’19)

Treasurer: Yifei Yang (’20)

Social Chair: Tina Chao (’19)

Academic Chair: Alex Cui (’20)

Co-President: Suiwen Liang (’18)

Co-President: Qi Zhang (’18)

Delegation Chair: Evelyn Chang (’19)

ABC Chair: Trevor Grayeb (’19)

ABC Chair: Philip Stachnik (’19)

Treasurer: Anqi Zhang (’19)

Social Chair: Kevin Jiang (’18)

Academic & Professional Chair: E.J. Lee (’19)

Co-President: Amanda Brown-Inz (’17)

Co-President: Kevin Fu (’17)

Delegation Chair: Patty Liu (’17)

ABC Chair: Amy Shi (’17)

ABC Chair: Mengjie Zou (’17)

Treasurer: Qi Zhang (’18)

Social Chair: Yuan Cao (’18)

Academic & Professional Chair: Suiwen Liang (’18)

Co-President: Isaac Ho (’16)

Co-President: Mengqi Zhang (’16)

Delegation Chair: Chris Crawford (’16)

ABC Chair: Jackie Kim (’17)

ABC Chair: Kevin Zeng (’17)

Treasurer: Jason Sussman (’16)

Social Chair: Kevin Fu (’17)

Academic & Professional Chair: Amanda Brown-Inz (’17)

Co-President: May Chow (’15)

Co-President: Ryan Martin (’15)

Delegation Chair: William Passo (’16)

ABC Speakers Chair: Della Fok (’16)

ABC Marketing Chair: Mengqi Zhang (’16)

Treasurer: Evelyn Blacklock (’16)

Social Chair: Justin Ko (’15)

Academic & Professional Chair: Isaac Ho (’16)

Co-President: Sonya Ho (’14)

Co-President: Ted Weisman (’14)

Delegation Chair: Jennifer Poon (’15)

ABC Speakers Chair: David Kirk (’15)

ABC Marketing Chair: Joo-Young Rognlie (’15)

Treasurer: Nathan Campbell (’15)

Social Chair: May Chow (’15)

Academic & Professional Chair: Ryan Martin (’15)

Co-President: Julienne Eby (’13)

Co-President: Leila Perkins (’13)

Delegation Chair: Weichen Zhu (’13)

ABC Speakers Chair: Lauren Sidner (’13)

ABC Marketing Chair: Ted Weisman (’14)

Treasurer: Sonya Ho (’14)

Events Chair: Hanae Fujinami (’14)

Community Outreach & Public Interest Chair: Vivian Tao (’13)

Co-President: Shannon Itoyama (’12)

Co-President: Vincent Lee (’12)

Delegation Chair: Jonathan Stradling (’12)

ABC Speakers Chair: Vivian Tao (’13)

ABC Marketing Chair: Weichen Zhu (’13)

Treasurer: Julienne Eby (’13)

Events Chair: Leila Perkins (’13)

Community Outreach & Public Interest Chair: Amrit Dhir (’13)

Co-President: Jonathan Stradling (’12)

Co-President: Linda Tieh (’11)

Delegation Chair: Bruce Sun (’11)

ABC Speakers Chair: Tian Tian (’11)

ABC Marketing Chair: Vincent Lee (’12)

Treasurer: Shannon Itoyama (’12)

Community Outreach & Public Interest Chair: Yilin Xu (’12)

Professional Chair: Ryan Mitchell (’12)

Co-President: Gail Su (’10)

Co-President: Song Yue (’10)

Delegation Chair: Doreen Xia (’10)

ABC Chair: James Jackson (’11)

ABC Chair: Linda Tieh (’11)

Treasurer: Shirley Li (’11)

Social Chair: Alonzo Emery (’10)

Professional Chair: Jonathan Stradling (’12)

Co-President: Lane Morgan (’09)

Co-President: A. Reid Monroe-Sheridan (’09)

Delegation Chair: Seon-Joo Yoon (’10)

ABC Speakers Chair: Ines Wu (’09)

ABC Marketing Chair: Song Yue (’10)

Treasurer: Courtney Haraguchi (’09)

Social Chair: Gail Su (’10)

Professional Chair: Doreen Xia (’10)

Co-President: Alan Park (’08)

Co-President: Chieh-Ting Yeh (’09)

Delegation Chair: Matthew Merkle (’08)

ABC Chair: A. Reid Monroe-Sheridan (’09)

ABC Chair: Danielle Pham (’09)

Treasurer: Lane Morgan (’09)

Social Chair: Shirley Lo (’09)

Outreach Chair: Libin Zhang (’08)

Speakers Program Chair: Devon Kirk (’09)

Co-President: Tina Chan (’07)

Co-President: David Wertime (’07)

Delegation Chair: Andrew Chen (’07)

ABC Chair: Andrew Aqui (’08)

ABC Chair: Eric Syu (’08)

Treasurer: Libin Zhang (’08)

Social Chair: Rachel Lu (’07)

Outreach Chair: Jennifer Wang (’08)

Speakers Program Chair: Yilu Zhao (’07)

Co-President: Jimmy Gao (’06)

Co-President: Rachel Lu (’07)

Delegation Chair: Harold Tin (’07)

ABC Chair: Andrew Chen (’07)

ABC Chair: Jing Wang (’07)

Treasurer: David Wertime (’07)

Social Chair: Jennie Lin (’07)

Outreach Chair: Jillian Ashley (’07)

Speakers Program Chair: Yilu Zhao (’07)

Co-President: J. Brad Carrick (’05)

Co-President: Adrian Lu (’06)

Delegation Chair: Richard Lin (’06)

ABC Chair: Robert Anderson (’07)

ABC Chair: Jimmy Gao (’06)

Treasurer: Nancy Chu (’06)

Social Chair: Steven Liang (’06)

Outreach Chair: Stacy Lau (’06)

Speakers Program Chair: Yush Lee (’06)

President & Treasurer: Jeremy Huff (’04)

Delegation Chair: J. Brad Carrick (’05)

ABC Chair: Mark Conrad (’05)

ABC Chair: Lu Yin (’05)

Social Chair: Wing-Sze Choi (’05)

Speakers Program Chair: Chingwin Pei (’04)

President: Holly Yoshinari (’03)

Delegation Chair: Chingwin Pei (’04)

ABC Chair: Brian Bishop (’04)

ABC Chair: Jeremy Huff (’04)

Treasurer: Catherine Ying (’04)

Social Chair: Veronica Lei (’04)

Speakers Program Chair: Michael Lee (’04)

Co-President: Thomas Cheng (’02)

Co-President: Niclas Ericsson (’02)

Delegation Chair: Holly Yoshinari (’03)

ABC Chair: Joshua Bloodworth (’03)

ABC Chair: Julie Yip (’02)

Treasurer: Darcy Paul (’03)

Social Chair: Matthew Ahn (’02)

Speakers Program Chair: Jake Fisch (’03)

Co-President: Young In (’01)

Co-President: Michelle Toy (’01)

Delegation Chair: Matthew Ahn (’02)

ABC Chair: Shirley Lo (’01)

Treasurer: Thomas Cheng (’02)

External Affairs Chair: Jenny Lee (’01)

Speakers Program Chair: Niclas Ericsson (’02)

President: Sunny Chu (’00)

Delegation Chair: Young In (’01)

ABC Chair: Mark Brod (’01)

Harvard Asia Quarterly Liason: Sabra Gandhi (’01)

Treasurer: Michelle Toy (’01)

Membership Chair: Katie Porter (’01)

Speakers Program Chair: Nathan Bush (’00)

President: T. Melindah Musa (’99)

Delegation Chair: Sunny Chu (’00)

ABC Chair: Joan Kee (’00)

Harvard Asia Quarterly Liason: Nathan Bush (’00)

Treasurer: Bonnie Wongtrakool (’00)

Membership Chair: Jennifer Ishiguro (’99)

Speakers Program Chair: Emily Reber (’00)

President: James Lin (’98)

Delegation Chair: Bo Li (’99)

ABC Chair: Joseph Ngai (’00)

Membership Chair: Emilie Kao (’99)

Membership Chair: Kexin Zhao (’99)

Treasurer: Stephen Hsu (’99)

Marketing Chair: Eric Rassbach (’99)

Development Chair: Jennifer Ishiguro (’99)

Harvard Asia Quarterly Liason: Perla Ni (’98)

Speakers Program Chair: David Pan (’99)

President: Peter Kuo (’97)

Vice President: Paul Boesen (’98)

Delegation Chair: J. Andrew Jackson (’97)

Communications Chair: Perla Ni (’98)

Treasurer: James Lin (’98)

Membership Chair: Joseph Ngai (’00)

Speakers Program Chair: David Pan (’99)

President: Albert Lee (’97)

Vice President: Eric Sibbitt (’97)

Delegation Chair: M. Aya Gruber (’97)

Treasurer: Peter Kuo (’97)

President: Michael Feder (’96)

Delegation Chair: Raymond Nomizu (’96)

ABC Chair: Nancy Wong (’96)

President: Adam Alfert (’94)