A Worldwide Community

In the quarter-century since HALS’ founding, our alumni network has grown from a small community of like-minded classmates to a global network of professionals spanning dozens of countries and a vast array of industries and disciplines.

Wherever they have gone and whatever careers they have pursued, HALS alumni are at the forefront of their chosen fields and play a vital role in building bridges between Asian and North American professional communities. Our alumni include not only attorneys, but entrepreneurs, journalists, academics, judges, authors, activists, bureaucrats, and politicians.

Where Are They Now?

Over a third of HALS alumni have made their careers in Asia.

All Harvard Law Students? Roughly 97% stay in the United States after graduation.

Top Cities for HALS Alumni

  • New York City (20%)
  • San Francisco Bay Area (12%)
  • Hong Kong (10%)
  • Washington, DC (7%)
  • Los Angeles (6%)
  • Beijing (5%)
  • Tokyo (5%)
  • Boston (4%)
  • Seoul (3%)
  • Shanghai (2%)
  • Singapore (2%)
  • Chicago (2%)
  • London (2%)
  • Bangkok (2%)
  • Houston (1%)
  • Taipei (1%)

HALS Alumni are . . .

Global Lawyers

  • More than 10% of alumni are law firm partners
  • Alumni are at over 40 of the AmLaw 100
  • At all of the Vault top 15 firms
  • At four of the five Magic Circle firms
  • And at four of the Big Five Japanese firms
  • Alumni also serve as judges, prosecutors, and government lawyers

Business Leaders

  • Around 6% of alumni founded or lead a company or firm
  • Alumni are at all Big Three management consultancies
  • At five of the nine largest investment banks
  • And are in-house at about one fifth of the Fortune 50

Public Servants

  • More than 10% of alumni work in government, at NGOs, or at public interest groups
  • At a range of international organizations, including the WTO and IMF
  • And include elected officials at the local, state, and national level
  • As well as diplomats, bureaucrats, and activists around the world


  • Over 6% of alumni work in higher education
  • Alumni work at top law schools in more than 5 countries
  • These include 7 of the T14 universities
  • As well as the leading law schools in Japan, Hong Kong, and Mainland China
  • And include not only professors, but law school deans

…and Much More!

Statistics drawn from 475 alumni who were active participants in HALS