In addition to the annual National Lawyers Convention in the fall, our members travel to the Federalist Society’s National Student Symposium in the spring. This year, Federalist Society’s National Student Symposium will be virtual.

Penn Law’s Federalist Society Chapter will host the 40th Annual National Student Symposium on March 19-20, 2021. The topic of the Symposium will be “International Law & U.S. Foreign Policy.”


Titled “International Law and US Foreign Policy,” the Symposium will focus on issues such as constitutional interpretation, international governance, trade, and human rights. For the past 20 years the U.S. has found itself engaging in a variety of conflicts across the globe, confronting the rise of geopolitical rivals in both military and economic influence, and most recently combating the global impact of COVID-19. The newfound focus on U.S. foreign policy has introduced an array of complex and contentious legal and political issues.

The Symposium will host four panels and one debate on significant constitutional and policy issues that we believe will generate serious discussion among students, scholars, and practitioners:

  • Panel I: The Role of International Law in U.S. Constitutional Interpretation
  • Panel II: Trade and Sovereignty
  • Panel III: Unilateral Presidential War Powers
  • Panel IV: How Beneficial is International Human Rights Law?
  • Debate: Is More Global Governance Necessary?