2014 Recep

✦ End of January Term Celebration at Queen’s Head Pub (January 25)
✦ Colloquium on Constitutional Interpretation (February 13)
✦ Conference, Co-Sponsored with ACS, on Reconsidering the Insular Cases (February 19)
✦ Intelligence Squared Debate: Affirmative Action on Campus Does More Harm Than Good, Co-Sponsored with ACS and IQ2 (February 27)
✦ Post-Parody and Post-1L Brief Draft Party (February 28)
✦ Conference on Political Civility and Dialogue in an Age of Polarization, Co-Sponsored by the Harvard Negotiation Law Review and ACS (March 1)
✦ Group Trip to National Student Symposium at University of Florida (March 7-8)
✦ Jimmy O’Madison’s Social at Grafton Street (March 13)
✦ Banquet, with the Journal of Law & Public Policy (April 2)
✦ Moot Court for Lane v. Franks (April 16)
✦ Harvard 2014 Spring Conservative Reception (April 21)
✦ Armed Self-Defense and the African- American Community (September 8)
✦ Welcome Back BBQ and Party (September 12)
✦ Clerkship Panel and Workshop (September 19)
✦ Info Session for 1L and Transfer Students (September 19)
✦ Happy Hour (September 19)
✦ Happy Hour (October 8)
✦ Small Group Lunch with Professor Dale Carpenter (October 10)
✦ Night of the Living Constitution Party (November 1)
✦ Small Group Academia Lunch with Lee Otis (November 3)
✦ 1L Jobs Panel (November 5)
✦ Private Meeting with Justice Scalia (November 14)
✦ Scalia Lecture featuring Judge Frank Easterbrook (November 17)
✦ OPIA Conservative Careers Talk (November 18)

Coffee Series with the American Constitution Society (ACS)

✦ On Abortion (February 18)
✦ On Criminal Justice (March 4)
✦ On Immigration (April 1)
✦ On Campaign Finance (April 15)
✦ On U.S. Geopolitical Responsibility (September 30)
✦ On Financial Regulation (October 16)
✦ On Women in the Military (November 12)

And Lunch Talks Featuring

✦ Clark Neily, Senior Attorney with the Institute for Justice, speaking about vindicating economic rights (February 5)
✦ The Honorable Reena Raggi of the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, discussing Federal Sentencing Guidelines (April 2)
✦ Judge Hardiman of the Third Circuit, concerning students’ First Amendment rights (April 7)
✦ Genevieve Wood of the Heritage Foundation, speaking on the Paycheck Fairness Act (September 29)
✦ Judge Jennifer Elrod, giving a talk entitled “Shifting Tides in the Least Dangerous Branch” (October 6)
✦ Lawrence White, arguing his proposal to end the Federal Reserve (October 7)
✦ Eugene Volokh, speaking about his book “Mechanisms of a Slippery Slope” (September 18)
✦ Hannah Smith of the Becket Fund, discussing religious liberty after Hobby Lobby (October 20)
✦ Henry Nau, discussing conservative internationalism (October 23)
✦ Randy Barnett, giving a talk called “Our Republican Constitution” (October 28)
✦ Donald Marquis, on “Why Abortion is Immoral” (November 6)
✦ Michael Glennon, discussing National Security and Double Government (November 19)
✦ Ed Whelan, speaking on judicial activism (November 20)