2018–2019 In Review…


  • Judge Thomas Griffith (D.C. Circuit), “Civic Charity and the Constitution”
  • Judge James C. Ho (5th Cir.), “What to Celebrate When Celebrating the Constitution?”
  • Judge John K. Bush (6th Cir.), “The Proper Role of a Federal Court of Appeals Judge”
  • Judge Amul Thapar (6th Cir.) “Habeas Corpus in Wartime” with Prof. Amanda Tytler
  • Judge Jeffrey Sutton (6th Cir.), “State Constitutions and Individual Rights” with Prof. Larry Tribe
  • Judge Ryan Nelson (9th Cir.), “The Art of Dissent”
  • Judge Britt Grant (11th Cir.), “State and Federal Appellate Courts”
  • Judge Kevin Newsom (11th Cir.), “The Cardinal Virtues of Judging”
  • Judge Trevor McFadden (D.C. District), “What’s So Bad About Inefficiency?”
  • Justice Clint Bolick (Arizona Supreme Court), “Vindicating the Promise of Brown v. Board”
  • Justice Thomas Lee (Utah Supreme Court), “Impartialism: Judging and the Rule of Law”
  • Prof. Hadley Arkes, James Wilson Institute, seminar on natural law and its bearing on our jurisprudence
  • Prof. Randy Barnett, GULC, “The Myth of Substantive Due Process”
  • Prof. William Baude, University of Chicago Law School, “Janus Reconsidered”
  • Prof. Logan Beirne, Yale Law School, “The Blood of Tyrants and American Legal History”
  • Prof. Joseph Weiler, NYU School of Law, “The European Culture War 2003-2019” with Prof. Mary Ann Glendon
  • Prof. Ilan Wurman, Arizona State University, “Can a Dead Constitution Bind the Living?”
  • Kathryn Ciano, Senior Counsel at Uber, “Regulation and Emerging Technology”
  • Paul Clement, former solicitor general of the United States, “The Future of the Supreme Court”
  • Steven Engel, Associate Attorney General for the Office of Legal Counsel, “Law in an Era of Politics” with Prof. Jack Goldsmith
  • David French, Senior Writer for National Review, “Academic Freedom and Free Speech”
  • Yoram Hazony, “A Confederation of Prodigies: On the Ascendancy of Reason and the Extinction of Conservatism in America” with Profs. Mary Ann Glendon, Jack Goldsmith, and Cass Sunstein
  • Jeh Johnson, former Homeland Security Secretary, “Navigating a Public/Private Law Career”
  • Scott Keller, former Texas Solicitor General, “The Role of the State Solicitor General”
  • David Lat, founder of Above the Law, “Judicial Celebrity and Cameras in the Courtroom”
  • Michael McGinley, formerly of the White House Counsel’s office, “Judicial selection process in the Trump administration”


  • Trickle Down Gin & Tonics Reagan’s Birthday Party
  • Halloween Party: Night of the Living Constitution
  • Beginning-of-Year and End-of-Year Barbecue
  • Many, many Happy Hours!

Annual Banquet:

  • Keynote Speaker: The Honorable William H. Pryor
  • Outstanding Alumnus Recognition Award: The Honorable Beth A. Williams
  • Charles Fried Award for Intellectual Diversity: Professor Gabriella Blum
  • James Madison Award: Grant Newman
  • JLPP Award: Chad Harper