New to HLS? – Welcome to HLS! If you are an incoming 1L or LLM student, there are many opportunities to get involved and connect with Christians on campus. Find out more here.

Weekly Meetings – The core of the Christian Fellowship is fellowship. Our goal is for the weekly meetings to foster community in a laid-back, welcoming environment and provide the time and space for people to just hang out and be refreshed after a long week. Find out about our Friday meetings here.

Small Groups – Law school can be a time when keeping up with spiritual disciplines is hard. But we believe the patterns we set now can help us chart a course for the rest of our lives. The Christian Fellowship seeks to cultivate small groups of bible studies, triads, and prayer meetings to help build each other up in the Lord. Learn more here.

Monthly Outings – Sometimes you just want to get off-campus…and what better way to go out and explore the greater Boston area than with friends? Each month, HLSCF organizes a monthly outing or service project to provide the students an opportunity to take a break from the books and set out on an adventure. See what outings are coming up here.

Contact Us – Are you interested in other ways to get involved? Do you have an idea for a meeting, small group, or outing? Visit our contact us page or email us anytime at hlscf@mail.law.harvard.edu.