Dorm Prayer

Law school can be a time when keeping up with spiritual disciplines is hard. But we believe the patterns we set now can help us chart a course for the rest of our lives. The Christian Fellowship seeks to cultivate small groups of bible studies, triads, and prayer meetings to help build each other up in the Lord.

We encourage everyone to consider joining a small group. Small groups give you the chance to get to know other members of the fellowship more closely and provide you the opportunity for focused spiritual growth. There are three primary types of small groups that we’ve organized in the past: bible studies, triads, and prayer groups.

Bible Studies: These groups meet regularly to go through a book of the Bible or a particular topic study to learn, discuss, and delve into God’s Word. (Generally meet each week or every other week.)

Squads: Squads are are groups of three to five who meet regularly to share the challenges, joys, and the general adventures of law school life. A mix of discipleship, peer mentoring, friendship, and camaraderie, Squads seek to form tight bonds and provide a safe space for engaging with the struggles we all go through. Each group tends to be very personalized and unique based on the individual members of the Squad. (Generally meet each week or every other week.)

Prayer Groups: Prayer groups meet regularly share prayer requests and praises with each other. There is no requirement for any individual to pray aloud, but each group welcomes the opportunity to pray with and for each other. (Some groups meet every day, others meet each week or every other week.)

We are currently recruiting leaders for bible studies and prayer groups and working to connect people interested in starting a triad. If you are interested in leading or participating in a group, please contact us.