BSA Application Process for the Class of 2021

The Board of Student Advisers is an organization of second- and third-year law students who serve as teaching assistants in the first-year Legal Research and Writing course at HLS, act as advisers and mentors for 1L students, and run the Ames Competition. The BSA therefore seeks students who are passionate about academics, involved in the HLS community, willing mentors, and excited about the prospect of joining the BSA. Becoming a member of the BSA is a two-year commitment.  Students are eligible to apply to the BSA during the spring of their 1L year.  Dual degree students are welcomed to apply in the spring of their 1L year. Transfer students are welcomed to apply in the spring of their 2L year. While students may apply to the BSA, Law Review, and the Harvard Legal Aid Bureau (HLAB) simultaneously, if a student is selected for more than one organization, he or she must commit to only one organization.

The BSA Application is available starting February 12!

Important Dates

  • February 12: BSA Application Goes Live
  • February 12: Joint Info Session with HLR and HLAB
  • February 13: BSA-1L Mixer with Shake Shack in Student Orgs
  • February 14: Joint Info Session with HLR and HLAB
  • February 27: BSA-1L Mixer in the HLS Pub
  • March 13: BSA Application Closes
  • April 1 – April 8: Interviews, including mock student conferences, take place
  • Mid-July: Notification of decisions

How to Apply

  • STEP 1: Complete the BSA registration form
  • STEP 2: Download and complete the BSA application materials due March 13
  • STEP 3: Submit application according to directions in application packet by 5:00 PM on March 13
  • STEP 4: Schedule interviews, which will include mock student conferences, according to directions in the application packet
  • STEP 5: Attend two in-person interviews


Application Materials – Due March 13th at 5:00 PM

  • Registration Form
  • Statement of Interest
  • Interests and Extracurricular Activities List
  • Resume

Interviews & Mock Student Conferences: April 1st – April 8th

  • You will participate in two in-person interviews.
  • Each interview will include: (1) a mock student conference based on the mock student work assignment in the application materials; and (2) a typical interview question & answer period.

If you have questions, please contact Todd Clayton at or Emmy Williams at