Welcome! We are the Board of Student Advisers.

The BSA is a student organization charged with providing several essential services to the Harvard Law School community: we serve as teaching assistants in the First Year Legal Research and Writing Program, as peer advisers to members of the first-year class and transfer students, and as administrators of the Ames Moot Court competition.

Our Mission is to build a community, both among first-year students and among the diverse student body of the Harvard Law School.

We are unique among student organizations in that our role is both to provide opportunities for students to engage with intellectually challenging legal problems and to serve as a support network for students going through the challenging academic and personal transition to law school.

The Board is a highly selective student organization. Members are recommended from a broad pool of applicants by a committee of sitting Board members based on editing and mentoring skills, prior work or teaching experience, and a personal statement essay. Taken together with first-year grades, advice and comment by faculty members and fellow BSAs, the head of the First Year Legal Writing program reviews these recommendations to arrive at the final admission decision. This coming academic year, forty-two members will serve on the Board.

If you have any questions about the Board, please do not hesitate to contact us at bsa@mail.law.harvard.edu.


The 2021-2022 BSA Executive Board

Kareem Carryl, President

Stacy Livingston, Vice President of Ames

Mayze Teitler, Vice President of Advising

Serena Wong, Vice President of LRW

Grant Fergusson, Vice President of Management

For general questions about the Board, contact Yvonne Smith.
For questions about our website, contact Mike Atalla.

For a list of the new members of the BSA, visit our Current Members page.