Our membership is a family that prides itself on uplifting, serving, and supporting one another as well as our greater communities. Every member of HBLSA serves our organization as an elected officer, executive appointee, committee chairperson, or committee member. Yet, even with such undertakings, our members continue to be forces outside our organization.

In the 2017-2018, HBLSA members–a group of passionate leaders, committed activists, invested community organizers, and tireless servants–have taken particular care to honor the legacies of black alumni who have paved the way for us, challenging one another to ascend to new, even historic, heights of servant leadership at our institution. Amongst our ranks we have:

The President of the Student Government

The President of the Harvard Law Review

The President of the Harvard Legal Aid Bureau

The President of the Harvard Defenders

The Managing Editor of the Harvard Journal on Racial and Ethnic Justice

The Co-President of the HLS Democrats

The Co-Presidents and Founders of the Reparatory Justice Initiative

The Co-President of the National Security and the Law Association

The President of the Harvard African Law Association

The Co-President of the Black Graduate Student Alliance

Two Class Marshals for the Class of 2018

And, this list is by no means exhaustive of the greater involvement that our members have in student organizations, practice organizations, clinics, and journals. In all these and other capacities, our members do the work of fostering diverse, inclusive, equitable, just, and productive communities that brought many of us to law school and that keeps us hopeful for the potential of our school and our world.