Member Spotlight

February 2018 | Member Spotlight

Harvard BLSA is proud to congratulate one of its own, Michael Thomas’19, on his recent election as the next President of the Harvard Law Review, widely regarded as the nation’s premier legal scholarship journal!

A revered member of our organization, Michael has served us proudly as a 2017-2018 Co-Chair for Academic Affairs, where he has uplifted our community and driven us to achieve our academic endeavors.

Michael directly succeeds another treasured HBLSA member, ImeIme Umana’18, the first Black woman to lead the Harvard Law Review. ImeIme served as the 2016-2017 Professional Development Chair for Public Interest and currently serves as our Parliamentarian.

We thank both Michael and ImeIme for their continued service to HBLSA, their leadership, and their examples. We could not be prouder for our members to hold such prestigious positions, back-to-back.