Internal Affairs

Internally, HBLSA supports our members through extensive outreach to help orient entering students to law school; bi-weekly academic support amongst peers; professional development in the form of group discussions, networking opportunities, and advocacy training; and planning and hosting the official 1L job fair for HLS. We are also active in the fight to make the HLS experience one that is considerate of and accessible to students from all walks of life: At an institutional level, our members regularly engage in dialogue with the administration to shape diversity and inclusion initiatives, and we have been instrumental in efforts to illuminate and redress the institution’s troubled history with and remaining legacy of racial bondage, victimization, and prejudice. At an organizational level, we have tailored HBLSA to be a safe haven for members of the LGBTQ community, members of different religious faiths, and members representing all identities across the African diaspora. In addition, we have devised cost-sensitive models and programming, maintaining an inventory of textbooks available to all members and developing a “Cares Fund” as a confidential resource for members undergoing financial hardships, loss of loved ones, or other personal emergencies.