Great job, everyone!

What an amazing year, HLS SALDF!

This school year, we:

  • held 13 talks, on topics including: animal law careers, Massachusetts’ upcoming animal protection ballot initiative, animals on ballots generally, Egypt’s constitutional animal protection provision, prosecuting cruelty, “ag gag” laws, legal protections for farmed animals, farmed animals generally, what animal law can learn from environmental law, the future of cultured meat, human obligations toward animals, animal rights and human rights, and undercover investigations. Our talks ranged from 27 to 122 attendees each!
  • traveled to Portland, OR for the Animal Law Conference where we received a SALDF of the year award; to DC and Maryland where we visited several animal law and animal welfare offices; and to a local farm sanctuary.
  • submitted a pro-animal comment to a federal agency
  • repeatedly appeared in the press, and our members wrote numerous animal-related news articles
  • participated in, and volunteered at, the National Animal Law Competitions
  • collected signatures and volunteers to get farm animal protection on the Massachusetts ballot
  • joined a walk for farm animals and tabled at four events


Welcome, New Students!

welcome to hls saldf

Dear 1Ls, LLMs, and transfers:

Welcome to the HLS Student Animal Legal Defense Fund chapter (HLS SALDF). We host fun, edgy, packed lunch talks, with the best food on campus. (See past events.) We also use the law to protect animals. We collaborate with HLS’s exciting new Animal Law & Policy Program.

This fall, we invite you to a 9/17 Massachusetts ballot initiative talk, a 9/19 field trip to Maple Farm Sanctuary, a 9/30 talk by Farm Sanctuary’s founder, a 10/23 animal drugs conference, a 10/28 careers in animal law panel, and more! (See upcoming events.)

To join our email list, click here, or email with “subscribe saldf” in the body of the email. You can like us on Facebook, and email us at



Even More Ahead for HLS and Animals!

Two exciting updates regarding animal law at Harvard Law School:

1) This fall, HLS offers its first-ever Wildlife Law course, with Professor Jonathan Lovvorn, Senior Vice President of Animal Protection Litigation and Investigations at the Humane Society of the United States.

2) Also this fall, HLS hosts its first-ever Animal Law Fellow: Delcianna Winders, Deputy General Counsel at the PETA Foundation.

Both of these updates thanks to the generous gift by Bradley L. Goldberg.

In other exciting animal law news, a New York judge at least temporarily granted the personhood right of habeas corpus to two chimpanzees. (This comes a few months after an Argentina court made a similar decision for an orangutan.)

A Busy Year for HLS SALDF

2014-15 is proving busy for HLS SALDF! Our upcoming events for the spring semester include:

Jon Lovvorn of HSUS, “The Intersection Between Animal Law and Environmental Law” February 9, 12pm

Carter Dillard of ALDF and Stephanie Feldstein of CBD, “Animal Rights, Human Rights, and the Future of our Planet” February 23, 12 pm

Town hall meeting on HLS’s Animal Advocacy Program, February 24th, 12pm

Chris Green of ALDF, “Puppy Mills and Dog Breeding: The Realities Behind Buying a Pet” February 25, 12pm

Ingrid Newkirk Talk, President of PETA, February 26, 12pm

Harvard Law School will host the National Animal Law Competition, February 27-29th

Josh Tetrick of Hampton Creek (Just Mayo), TBD

Panel on the Hazards Faced by Workers in Factory Farms, TBD.

See events page for details!

New Animal Advocacy Program at Harvard Law School!

Amazing news! A generous donor has just given a huge gift to HLS for “curriculum development, experiential learning, scholarly gatherings and exchanges, forums for discussion and debate, and the establishment of an Academic Fellows program”–all focused on animal advocacy!

Two October Monday Lunch Talks!

#1. Monday, 10/20, 12pm, Pound 102: University of Toronto’s Professor Lesli Bisgould discusses animals and the law, over a free Italian lunch!

#2. Monday, 10/27, 12pm, Austin 200:’s Dr. Michael Greger gives a hilarious nutrition presentation–with free falafel!