Veg Meals in the Area

All-Vegetarian Places:

o   Bartleby’s Seitan Stand, Science Center Plaza (food truc,)

o   Taco Party, Somerville (tacos)

o   Rhythm ‘n Wraps, Boston (fast food)

o   Clover Food Lab, Science Center, Harvard Square, Central Square, and Kendall Square (modern fast food)

o   Veggie Galaxy, Central Square (diner, large portions)

o   Life Alive, Central Square (health food)

o   True Bistro, Somerville (fine dining)

o   Amsterdam Falafel, Somerville (falafel & fries)

o   Dosa-n-Curry, Somerville (Indian)

o   My Thai, Boston (Thai)

o   Cocobeet, Boston (juices & snacks)

o   Grasshopper, Allston (Vietnamese)

o   FoMu, multiple locations (vegan ice cream)

o   Red Lentil, Watertown (light, seasonal meals)

o   Zhu, Watertown (pan-Asian)

Veggie Grill, Harvard Square (fast food)

Veggie Crust, Somerville (pizza)


Steps from HLS:

o   Cambridge Common:  veggie burgers & fries

o   Wrapro Falafel: Middle Eastern falafel, hummus, & more

o   MixIt: many vegetable and tofu dish options

o   ChangSho:  lunch buffet with multiple tofu & veggie dishes

o   Honeycomb Creamery: vegan ice cream

And if you don’t feel like leaving campus, the Hark offers a variety of vegan and vegetarian options at every meal.


Around Harvard:

o   B. Good, Mr. Bartley’s, Grafton Street, and Park have large veggie burgers

o   All the Thai and Chinese restaurants serve a wide-array of tofu dishes.

o   Chipotle and Boloco both offer tofu burritos. Felipe’s offers bean burritos.

o   Maharaja (Indian food) has an entire page of their menu dedicated to vegetarian options.

o   Le’s Vietnamese and Santouka both offer vegan noodle soups.

o   JP Licks: vegan ice cream

o   Lizzy’s : vegan ice cream

o   LA Burdick Chocolate: delicious vegan hot chocolate

o   Beacon Street Pizza: vegan cheese

o   Sugar & Spice: has a vegan menu (Thai food)

o   Nirvana: vegan Indian options

o   &pizza: vegan pizza options

o   Otto Pizza: vegan pizza options

o   Christopher’s: vegan bar food options

o   Flour Bakery + Cafe: vegan baked goods and salads



o   Star Market and Whole Foods offer faux meat, vegan cheese, non-dairy milk, vegan ice cream, etc.


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