Course Recommendations


While HLS does have a variety of animal-specific courses, including Animal Law, the Animal Law & Policy Clinic, and Wildlife Law, there are plenty of other ways to learn substantive law that will help you navigate the field of animal law. Below is a non-exhaustive list of recommended courses gathered from faculty and students. Each of them sheds some light on legal issues related to animal law, and will help prepare you for either a career in the field or for a lifetime of supporting and understanding animal issues.

  • Administrative Law
  • Animal Law
  • Animal Law & Policy Clinic
  • Constitutional Law: 1st Amendment
  • Constitutional Law: 14th Amendment
  • Corporations, Jon Hanson
  • Environmental Law
  • Federal Courts and the Federal System
  • Food Law & Policy Clinic
  • Food Law & Policy (Seminar)
  • Food Law Lab, Jacob Gersen
  • Legal Profession: Collaborative Law, David Hoffman
  • Mediation (Course)
  • Mediation Clinic
  • Negotiation Workshop
  • Systemic Justice, Jon Hanson
  • The Law of Nonprofit Organizations, Victoria Bjorklund
  • Trial Advocacy Workshop
  • Wildlife Law

If you have any questions about courses or want to talk to other students who are focused on animal law, don’t hesitate to reach out to