WLA Conferences

Fall Conference

Feminism and Womanism Week
The Feminist Formal

Feminism and Womanism Week:
Wednesday, October 18, 2017 – Friday, October 20, 2017

The Feminist Formal:
Friday, October 13, 2017

Harvard Law School, Cambridge, MA


The Harvard Women’s Law Association presents our inaugural fall conference, “Feminism and Womanism Week.” The conference will discuss what it means to be a feminist and a womanist, and how the feminist and womanist movements can work to become more diverse and inclusive. Panels include topics such as intersectionality, including how women’s overlapping identities give rise to certain challenges and obstacles, and how we can advance the voices of diverse women in law, politics, media, and other career pursuits. The conference will also highlight ways to engage men as allies and consider how the feminist and womanist movements can partner with men to promote gender equality. In addition to these panels, the conference will feature a number of social events, including our kickoff Feminist Formal; a feminism myth-busting extravaganza featuring a t-shirt giveaway and a photo booth; and a mixer with professors, students, and alumni.

Schedule of Events
Friday, October 13
The Feminist Formal
9PM – 1AM, The Sheraton Commander
Wednesday, October 18
Why We Need Intersectionality
12PM – 1PM, WCC 2004
Thursday, October 19
Hey You, Ask a Feminist!
3PM – 6PM, Belinda Hall
Thursday, October 19
Faculty, Alumni, & Student Mixer
7PM – 9PM, Student Orgs Room
Friday, October 20
Men as Gender Allies
12PM – 1PM, Milstein West B

Feminism & Womanism Week is co-sponsored by APALSA, BLSA, La Alianza, Lambda, MELSA, and SALSA and made possible through the HLS Dean of Students Grant Fund.

Questions? Contact Jillian Goodman, Conference Director: hlswlaconference@gmail.com

Spring Conference

The 12th Annual Harvard Women’s Law Association Conference

Spring 2018

Harvard Law School, Cambridge, MA
Generously sponsored by Kirkland & Ellis, LLP


– More details coming soon! –

Questions? Contact Jillian Goodman, Conference Director: hlswlaconference@gmail.com