If you have questions about any of our committees, please contact a WLA officer for more information.

1L & LLM Committee:

The 1L and LLM Committee places 1Ls and LLMs to be Representatives on the WLA Board committees. We support the 1L and LLM Representatives in their new committee roles and strive to foster a community among them. We also provide programming throughout the year to serve the WLA’s 1L and LLM Representative Class.

Academic Committee:

The Academics Committee’s programming addresses various aspects of academic life at HLS, including tips on attending office hours, professor specific test-taking advice, and choosing classes. The Committee also organizes a mentorship program for students interested in careers in academia. These small-group coffee chats enable students to build relationships with faculty and to learn about pursuing a career in academia.

Alumnae Committee:

The Alumnae Committee works to develop relationships between current and former HLS women. The Committee provides opportunities for informal discussions with alumni and facilitates mentorship opportunities. The Committee also organizes the annual WLA trip to D.C. to meet, network with, and learn from leaders in government and public interest-minded organizations and firms.

Communications Committee:

The Communications Committee is responsible for publicity for the WLA, maintaining the WLA e-mail account and the WLA website. The Communications Chair also operates as the secretary of the WLA, in charge of taking minutes at Board Meetings, assisting with scheduling, and maintaining records.

Conference Committee:

The Conference Committee organizes the annual WLA conference in the spring semester. The Annual Conference, one of the largest events organized by a student organization at the Law School every year, draws hundreds of attendees. Past Conference titles include “Walking on Broken Glass: Redesigning Institutions After the Glass Ceiling; This is What Equality Looks Like: The World We Want for Women and Girls”; “Mind the Gap: Achieving Actual Parity”; and “19%: When Will Women Have the Floor?”

Firms & Fundraising Committee:

The Firms & Fundraising Committee is responsible for securing WLA sponsorships from sources external to HLS. This Committee fosters the WLA’s ongoing relationships with large, national  firms and affords excellent opportunities for students to network with female attorneys at various law firms.

In addition to sponsorships, the Committee organizes numerous events for HLS women interested in working at firms. These include panels with firm representatives for students to learn about various aspects about life at law firms; small group dinners where students can closely interact with lawyers; and a spring Firm Mixer for WLA members and the WLA’s sponsor firms.

Incoming Students Committee:

The Incoming Students Committee is in charge of helping 1Ls, LLMs, and transfer students feel integrated into the HLS community. The Committee administers the WLA Mentorship Program, which matches incoming students (“Little Sisters”) with 2L or 3L mentors (“Big Sisters”). The Committee also plans various casual events throughout the year to foster a sense of community within the organization. In addition, the Committee works with the HLS Office of Admissions to reach out to admitted students, answer any questions they may have, and meet up with them when they visit during Admitted Students Weekend.

Internal Affairs Committee:

The Internal Affairs Committee is a new committee for 2015-2016, tasked with helping to improve the internal workings and structure of the WLA.  The WLA has grown to become of the largest student-run organizations at Harvard Law School.  With that platform comes great responsibility.  The Internal Affairs Committee will work to design procedures and by-laws—using the legal and analytic tools that we have learned in the classroom—to ensure that the WLA reflects democratic values, accountability, and community standards.  The committee’s goal is to guarantee that all women’s voices on campus are heard and respected.

International Committee:

The International Committee works to create awareness of international women’s issues on the HLS campus, provides HLS women interested in international issues and international jobs with opportunities to pursue those interests, and reaches out to international students on the HLS campus. Specific events organized by the Committee include social mixers with other international students, speaker events with women working in international law, and the International Women’s Day Exhibition.


LLM/SJD Committee:

Outreach Committee:

Public Interest Committee:

The Public Interest Committee organizes activities and provides resources for women interested in pursuing public interest jobs during summers or after graduation. The Committee sponsors events connecting public interest-minded HLS students to each other and to professionals pursuing public interest work, and also works closely with OPIA to monitor upcoming events of interest and suggest and co-sponsor events.

Shatter the Ceiling Steering Committee:

The Shatter the Ceiling Committee is the WLA’s advocacy branch. It works to broaden awareness of and battle against gender disparities at HLS and within the broader legal community.  Shatter publishes gender data about 1L class participation, Harvard Law Review, Harvard Legal Aid Bureau, the Board of Student Advisors, and Harvard Law Latin Honor recipients each year. Shatter advocates for greater gender equity in areas such as class participation and faculty diversity.

Social Committee:

This Committee plans and organizes all the social activities for WLA members. The Committee provides social events, both large and small, that allow WLA members, and members of the HLS community, to network with each other in a fun, relaxing environment including the day trips to fun local destinations, happy hours, and the big end of the year brunch. The Committee is also responsible for organizing the Women’s Welcome champagne toast in the fall.


The Treasurer is responsible for managing the finances for the WLA, including tracking expenses throughout the year and working with the Dean of Students office to support WLA events.

Venture Fund Committee:

The Venture Fund Committee provides funding and logistical support to HLS women to allow them to invite women from various professional fields to speak on campus. Apart from logistical support and assistance in marketing and publicizing their events, the Venture Fund offers HLS women the unique opportunity to build their networks and interact with their role models.

Volunteer Committee:

The Volunteer Committee provides various volunteer activities and donation-based efforts throughout the year for the WLA board and WLA members. These events include charity walks/runs, pro bono trips, volunteer opportunities at local shelters, clothing drives and more.

Women’s Issues Committee:

The Women’s Issues Committee creates events that facilitate the discussion of women’s issues for WLA members and the broader HLS community. The Committee provides new and bold ideas for panels that draw the HLS community, both men and women, to discuss many of the most important issues relating to women, including the ongoing dinner conversation series and the Feminist Perspectives on the 1L Curriculum series. The Committee also networks with the other gender organizations on campus and works with the school administration on issues of faculty diversity.