Our Fifth Annual Bell Collective for Critical Race Theory Conference will take place March 20-22nd, 2024. This year’s conference is titled Censorship and Consciousness: Freedom Dreaming for a Radical Reconstruction. We will be highlighting leaders and thinkers at the forefront of challenging censorship across various areas: education, entertainment, the carceral state, journalism, and more.

We chose this year’s theme, “Censorship and Consciousness,” in response to ongoing repression of radical and minority voices. This repression is notably exemplified by recent surges in institutional censorship of pro-Palestinian perspectives, the use of the carceral state as a form of censorship, and a national wave of anti-CRT legislation, among others. Our theme underscores the interconnected nature of various forms of suppression and oppression, aiming to shed light on the broader challenges faced by voices seeking equity and justice. Most importantly, we know these censorship efforts are designed to stifle our ability to develop collective consciousness and action.

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