Derrick Bell sitting on the steps of Austin Hall at Harvard Law School, April 1990.
Derrick Bell at Harvard Law School, April 1990. STEVE LISS/GETTY IMAGES

The Bell Collective for Critical Race Theory is a collective of radical law students working to motivate change here at Harvard Law School and in the law broadly.

Our mission is to build learning spaces at Harvard Law School dedicated to Critical Race Theory as a lens with which to view and critique the law, where students can study and understand law, policy, and customs as an unjust system of domination perpetuated by historically privileged groups, and where students can build a community that seeks to reimagine lawyering as a profession.

Inspired by the work of Professor Derrick Bell, we recognize that in order to bring change, students must organize and demand it. We also recognize that our long struggle to bring CRT to HLS is deeply connected to other students calling for gender equity at HLS, ending harassment and discrimination in the legal profession, a graduate student union, better financial aid policies, ending racism on campus, reparations, divestments from Prisons, establishing a movement lawyering clinic, and ending the US-backed Israeli settler-occupation and genocide in Palestine.