Global Legal Education Forum

Aims of the Global Legal Education Forum:
The aim of the Global Legal Education Forum is to develop a thicker understanding of the intellectual and professional trajectories of contemporary legal education reforms, their implications for global and national elite leadership, the potential distributive effects for law schools that lack the material, technological, or faculty resources to “go global,” and the uniqueness or similarity of these reforms relative to  those  being  undertaken  in  other  professional  disciplines.  In  short,  we  aim through the workshops and Forum to intensively study the phenomenon of contemporary reforms and their distributive effects for different actors.The March 2012 Forum also marks the 100th Anniversary of the Harvard Law School S.J.D. Program. The Graduate Program at HLS has from the post-­‐WWII era, with strong renewal during the 1980s, attracted leading candidates with foreign legal training. Doctoral candidates and SJD alumni have longstanding experience and expertise in global, comparative, and transnational scholarship, research, and practice. Global legal education is a natural fit with the educational background and expertise of many doctoral candidates and Alumni.To foster cross-­‐cutting discussion, the Global Legal Education Forum will convene law school deans, law professors, legal practitioners, law students and graduate candidates and HLS S.J.D. Alumni from various regions, as well as academics from other professional disciplines undergoing “global reform.”Click here for schedule and information on the Global Legal Education Forum on Mar. 23-25, 2012 at Harvard Law School.


Videos from panels are available here:

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

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