To members of the public and the Harvard community:

We are delighted to invite you to join Harvard Law School’s principal student organization for those interested in national security: the Harvard National Security and Law Association (NSLA). Pursuant to our constitution, NSLA is nonpartisan, unaffiliated with any particular national security agenda, and welcomes people of all backgrounds and viewpoints.

NSLA’s only mission is to promote discourse on national security at Harvard Law School. Accordingly, we create fora for engaging the intersection between legal questions and national security policies. To wit: we bring distinguished national security scholars and practitioners to campus for lunchtime lectures, assist our members with career advice and networking opportunities, provide academic resources to the entire Harvard community, and produce high-quality reports on pressing national security matters. We frequently collaborate with our partner publication, the Harvard National Security Journal, as well as other student organizations.

NSLA’s only rule vis-à-vis the term “national security” is that it should be defined as broadly as possible. Accordingly, the term encompasses not only the legal responses to terrorism, but also the work of intelligence communities all over the world, operational international law as applied by militaries, transnational organized crime, cybersecurity, and myriad other matters.

NSLA’s only requirement for membership is subscription to our mailing list. To get involved, added to our mailing list, or have any of your questions answered, please feel free to contact us.

Yours in Security,

Casey Connolly and Hayley Evans
2018–2019 NSLA Co-Presidents