The Harvard Health Law Society (HHLS) is a community dedicated to exploring issues at the intersection of health and law, connecting students and experts for active engagement.

Health care reform has set the stage for a variety of changes and inspired even more fervent debate about what to do next.  As such, health care policy and regulation will continue to be a focal point for HHLS this coming year, as it has in the past, with influential speakers coming to campus to debate the future of health care in Massachusetts and the nation. In addition, we are in the process of forming collaborations with a variety of community-based organizations.  We hope that these partnerships will provide opportunities to 1L’s and other HLS students to work on the frontlines of community health advocacy in the Boston area.We also plan to bring in speakers from the great variety of health-related legal careers.  This will help expose our members to what is out there and help connect students with potential future employers.  Finally, we look forward to connecting students with the many health-related opportunities available at Harvard and beyond, and to actively engaging new members to help bring in speakers on topics of their choosing, such as global health, bioethics, pharmaceutical policy, or anything else! A bit more about us:

Who is part of HHLS?

  • HLS and other Harvard students interested in health policy, health care law, biotechnology, bioethics, health and human rights, and a range of other health and law topics.  You can join simply by signing up for our email list and coming to our events.

With whom does HHLS collaborate?

  • Harvard’s Petrie-Flom Center for Health Law Policy, Biotechnology and Bioethics
  • Health groups at other Harvard graduate schools, including the Harvard Medical School, Harvard School of Public Health, Kennedy School of Government, and Harvard Business School
  • Various student groups at HLS

What can I do as part of HHLS?

  • Attend health-related speaker events and panels at HLS and across Harvard University.
  • Bring speakers to campus on health topics of your choosing. Past events have included medical bankruptcy, racial disparities in health care, careers in health law, and importation of foreign pharmaceuticals.
  • Learn about Harvard students’ research on health care topics at the Health Law and Policy Colloquium.
  • Attend faculty lunches and meet HLS professors to discuss health law and research topics and to receive career advice.
  • Participate in informal dialogue with other students, alumni, health professionals and health lawyers through happy hours and mentoring.
  • Get answers to questions about joint degrees, recommended classes, and networking opportunities.
  • Volunteer with one of our new community partners and help improve the health of low-income individuals and families in Boston through legal advocacy.