Parody is usually a massive production, boasting the dedicated involvement of roughly one hundred Harvard Law School students each year. In the fall, a small group of talented students writes and designs the new show. In the spring, our full cast and crew will audition, rehearse, and perform.


This year, instead of doing one big show in the spring, we are doing a shorter (approximately 35 minutes long), pre-recorded, virtual Parody in the fall and two more short virtual shows in the spring! These shows will be streamed over Zoom at selected performance times and the videos will not be available to the public. The time commitment for this show is much lower than it would be for a traditional live performance, and we are committed to working with you to help you be involved if you want to be.


We are opening auditions for anyone who wants to do any of the following:

  • Act
  • Sing/Rap
  • Dance

(Or any combination of the three.) Working on the Parody requires a serious commitment to the show, the cast, and the crew! Remember: The entire process of rehearsing for and filming the Fall Parody will only last three weeks, but during these weeks, the show should be a priority. Of course, it is a very rewarding, fun, and social priority.

Parody auditions will be virtual this year. Fill out this form and follow the instructions below to audition for the Fall Parody. You are invited to audition for acting, singing/rapping, and dancing! You can audition for just one, two, or all three components. Here is how the auditions will work:

From our Vocal Directors:
Send a 30-45 second video of yourself singing or rapping a song that suits your voice well to hlsparody2021@gmail.com by SUNDAY, 11/1 at 12 PM EST.

From our Choreographers:
Parody Dance is all fun for any skill level. Indicate your interest in Dance in the form above and we will email you a video with a short combination for you to learn, and instructions for how to record yourself and submit your audition tape to the choreographers.

From our Directors:
You don’t need to prepare anything! Sign up for a 15-minute Zoom time slot using the link in the above form. If you would like to audition with a friend, you can both sign up for the same time slot. Auditioning with a friend is not required and won’t affect your outcomes! At the end we ask everyone if they have any accents or impressions of professors they can do. If you don’t have anything you can pull out of sleeve, don’t worry! This is not required at all.

The Writers are a team of about nine students who meet regularly from September through January to create an original script and lyrics for the next Parody. Their work is mysterious, intense, and consistently leaves audiences crying with uncontrollable laughter. The Writers Room application process has closed. Check back in the fall for applications for the 2021-2022 Writers Room! 
The Creative Team (“C-Team”) are the Directors, Music Directors, Choreographers, Band Directors, Costume Designers, Sound Designers, and Stage Managers that make the production come alive. They begin planning for the show in the fall, and their responsibilities kick into high gear in January and February when auditions, rehearsals, and performances begin. The Creative Team application process has closed. Check back in the fall for applications for the 2021-2022 C-Team!