Parody is a massive production, boasting the dedicated involvement of roughly one hundred Harvard Law School students each year. In the fall, a small group of talented students writes and designs the new show. In the spring, our full cast and crew will audition, rehearse, and perform.


Information about auditions for the Spring 2025 show will be available next school year!


From our Vocal Directors:
What to expect at a singing audition:

Please prepare a verse and chorus of a song that shows off your voice! When you get here, we’ll have you do a quick warm up and your solo. We’ll be checking for vocals and stage presence.

What to expect at a rapping audition:

Please prepare a verse (originals welcome!) for us! We’ll be checking for flow and stage presence.

From our Choreographers:
Parody Dance is all fun for any skill level. During tryouts, you come in, learn a short dance (like 30 seconds), and then freestyle. You can prepare a freestyle to your own music or you can just jam to the music we provide. We are happy to work with people’s schedules (we go as low as 2 practices a week). We choreograph dances for everyone who wants to participate, no formal experience required. So come and shake your groove thang with us!

From our Directors:

You don’t need to prepare anything! We’ll be calling 2-4 people in at a time, and you’ll be given a script of a scene and a few minutes to prepare. Then we’ll ask you to act out the scene. We might do the scene again and switch the roles around. The most important part is to just have fun with it. At the end we ask everyone if they have any accents or impressions of professors they can do. If you don’t have anything you can pull out of sleeve, don’t worry! This is not required at all.

From our Band Director:

No need to prepare anything or even bring an instrument, though you’re free to if you’d like! Mostly, we’ll just chat to get a sense of your musical experience, any equipment needs you might have, and what you’re comfortable with in terms of difficulty, styles, improvisation, etc. – super low-stress, I hope!