Co-Presidents: Steve Szrom and Bryan Sohn
Vice President: Hagop Toghramadjian
Community Social Chair: Isabel Marin
Treasurer:  Jamie Magcale
Vice President of Liturgy: Jacob Harcar
1L Representatives: Matt Bendisz, Catherine Cole, Christopher Cruz, and Chris Hall

Chaplain: Fr. George Salzmann

Fr. George SalzmannFr. George is a member of a teaching order, the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales. He holds a biochemistry Ph.D. from Harvard Medical School. He also has S.T.B. and S.T.L. degrees in theology from the Gregorian University in Rome. While in Rome, he had the good fortune to be ordained in John Henry Cardinal Newman’s church of St. George’s at the Velabrum.¬†Prior to Harvard, Fr. George was a Visiting Fellow in Molecular Biology at Princeton. At Princeton, he worked on the tumor suppressor gene p53, taught bioethics, and served at the university parish.