Christian Union is passionate about developing a Christ-centered community for all students here at HLS. Whether it’s studying the Scriptures together, enjoying a meal together, going bowling, or studying with one another, we want to build bonds that will last throughout your time here at the law school and beyond.  

If you are interested in getting involved or curious about hearing more, please reach out to us! Feel free to email any one of the members of our leadership team: 

     Jon DeWitt, JD ’22 –

     Isabel Espinosa-Schatz, JD ’23 –

     David Tye, JD ’23 –

We’d also love for you to know Justin Yim, the Ministry Director of Christian Union Gloria Law! He is on campus during the week and would love to meet with you for a meal or just coffee. His desire is to serve and support all of us in our journey through this chapter of our lives. Email him at, or give him a text at 518-867-6100 for a quick response!

Be sure to join the conversation on our Facebook page here and our GroupMe group chat  here!