Name of Organization: Harvard Law School Brazilian Studies Association – HLS BR

Faculty Advisors: Roberto Mangabeira Unger & Holger Spamann

Leadership Structure: Two Co-Presidents; one Secretary; one Treasurer; Academic Officers and members of Committees.

Statement of Purpose

The Harvard Law School Brazilian Studies Association (“HLS BR”) is an institution that intends to promote the collaboration between students, scholars, professionals, and individuals who are interested in discussing various issues related to Brazil and the Brazilian culture. This organization seeks to increase the interest in, and understanding of major legal, political, economic, cultural, and social issues that characterizes the Brazilian society. In addition to academic discussions of important issues, this organization aims at promoting the visibility of Brazil’s rich and diverse culture and legal framework.


ARTICLE 1. Purpose

The Harvard Law School Brazilian Studies Association (“HLS BR”) intends to aggregate students, faculty members, professionals, and other individuals interested in Brazil and Brazilian society. The main goal is to establish at Harvard Law School a forum in which Brazilian legal, political, economic, cultural and social issues can be openly addressed and discussed from a plural academic perspective. HLS BR further aims at organizing events to promote the Brazilian culture, cuisine and literature.

ARTICLE 2. General Membership

General membership shall encompass all participants of this association. Active membership shall be open to all current Harvard Law School students, faculty, and staff, or those pursuing joint or concurrent degrees with Harvard Law School. General members are invited to participate in all activities and events of HLS BR and to work in one of the HLS BR Committees, described in Article 3.

ARTICLE 3. Executive Board

HLS BR shall have an Executive Board, which shall meet periodically to determine the general direction of the Society and to carry out its duties as outlined in this Constitution. Executive Board meetings shall be publicized and open to all active members of the Society. The Executive Board shall be constituted of the following positions, elected in accordance with Article X below:

3.1. Two Co-Presidents, who will be responsible to represent the association in any event, meeting, or documents of any nature. The Co-Presidents will serve as the liaison between HLS BR and the Dean of Students Office and will be the primary contact for all matters related to the association other than finances. The Co-Presidents will keep the Faculty Advisor apprised of the association’s activities throughout the year.

3.2. One Secretary, who will be responsible for all matters regarding the administrative management of  HLS BR. These activities include, but are not limited to, assistance to the Treasurer, creation and administration of mailing lists, contact with other student organizations and all other institutions with whom the HLS BR will maintain contact as a consequence of the promotion of academic and cultural events.

3.3. Treasurer, which will be the primary contact for the budget of the association. The Treasurer will be responsible for signing all reimbursements and tracking the budget progress of the association. The Treasurer will also be the only person who will receive the HLS BR’s Harvard billing code.

3.4. Academic Events Officers, who will lead the Academic Events Committee, responsible for the organization of events that advance discussions and promote understanding of contemporary Brazilian legal and political issues. Besides fostering debates about the role of Brazil in the international scenario, this Committee aims to enhance the academic experience of Brazilian students at Harvard Law School through the promotion of events and activities that facilitate intellectual exchange with students attending other programs and faculty members both in and outside Harvard Law School.

ARTICLE 4. Elections

Before the end of the academic year, the President shall convene a meeting of the General Membership in order, among other issues, to elect a new Executive Board. The positions will be elected by a simple majority of the members present. Candidates for any elected position on the Student Government must meet all of the following requirements: (i) be a full-time student; (ii) meet the minimum credit requirements of the Law School and (iii) adhere to the campaign rules in the Student Government byaws.

ARTICLE 5. Amendments

HLS BR may amend this Constitution with a two-third majority at any meeting of the General Membership.

ARTICLE 6. Other Governing Rules

HLS BR shall be governed by this Constitution and by all policies of Harvard Law School and Harvard University, including the Alcohol Policy, the Non-discrimination Policy, the Anti-Hazing Policy, and Guidelines for inviting Guest Speakers.

ARTICLE 7. Process Manual

The Executive Board may create a process manual to govern the procedures of the association in greater detail. Any such manual will be submitted for approval of the General Membership by a simple majority of the members present.