The Brazilian Studies Association (HLS BR) is an officially recognized student-run organization of Harvard Law School that intends to promote the collaboration between students, scholars, professionals, and individuals who are interested in discussing various issues related to Brazil and Brazilian culture. This organization seeks to increase the interest in, and understanding of major legal, political, economic, cultural, and social issues that characterizes Brazilian society. In addition to the academic discussions of important issues, this organization aims to promote the visibility and celebrate Brazil’s rich and diverse cultural tradition.

Membership is open to all current Harvard Law School students, faculty, and staff, or those pursuing joint or concurrent degrees with Harvard Law School, and is by no means limited to Brazilian nationals or Portuguese speakers. HLS BR seeks to promote debate about issues related to Brazil in a comparative perspective, and is particularly concerned with the challenges faced by developing countries in general.


Faculty Advisors:

  • Matthew C. Stephenson, Eli Goldston Professor of Law, Harvard Law School