New year, New HLS BR!

New members, new website and more to come

As a new academic year begins, a new cohort joins Harvard Law School.

This year, all the Brazilian LLM Candidates decided to join the HLS Brazilian Legal Studies Association, guided by a deep commitment to shed light into the most pressing current issues in Brazil. Additionally, this year’s board also includes Gabriel, a Visiting Student at Harvard College who attends Law School in Brazil. We are very excited for the year ahead and to the wonderful events that we will host!

It is an honor and a privilege to be part of this prestigious association in such a historical school. Bearing that in mind, the 24’ Board’s goal is to ascertain the presence of HLS BR in Harvard Law School’s landscape. With more members, we aim to host more events, have more posts and more HLS BR. As you may see, we are also revitalizing our website, as a small glimpse and a token of all the exciting new things to come.

Before we hit the ground running, we would like to introduce ourselves. We are a diverse group, inspired by interests that though different, complement each other, creating great synergies that guide our discussions and actions, our comradery and friendhship. Be our guest to meet us and in the photos in this page and in more details HERE!