Welcome to the official website of the Asian Pacific American Students Associations of Harvard Law School. Whether you are already a student here at the law school, an incoming 1L, a prospective student, or just a curious soul, we are delighted to have you and we encourage you to stay in touch with us. As a “political, academic, community service, and social group dedicated to fostering a supportive atmosphere for Asian Pacific American students at Harvard Law School”, your opinions are very important to us.

A student-run organization, “APALSA strives to promote a greater understanding of Asian Pacific American issues and culture, serve as a vehicle for Asian Pacific American political activity, and provide a social and academic network for Asian Pacific Americans and the Harvard Law School community.” We are constantly striving not only to live up to this mission statement but are also always looking for new ways to make the experience at Harvard more enriching, diverse, enlightening, and just plain fun as hell.

Every year, APALSA hosts the National Asian Pacific American Conference on Law and Public Policy, where we invite prominent jurists, public interest advocates, corporate partners, and government policymakers to participate in panels and meet with law school students from around the country. Hundreds come together for this great event and we do our best to open up our small home as a forum for discussing pressing political, cultural, and social issues that impact the larger, common home we share.

We hope you find what you are looking for here on this website. If you are curious to know more about us or have ideas of how we could improve, please don’t hesitate – write to us. More than anything, we pray that you are encouraged and inspired with us towards the good work we strive to do and we hope you join us as a member of our community to keep making progress for the good of all.

Thank You