The Harvard South Asian Law Students Association (SALSA) provides a forum for those in the Harvard Law School community interested in South Asian American and South Asian legal issues.

We aim to seed dialogue in the legal, cultural, and political contexts through lectures, panels, film screenings, and social events and to connect students to legal professionals and firms interested in diversity outreach.

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Sep. 11 (6-8 pm): SALSA Welcome in WCC 1010

Sep. 13 (12-1 pm): Wasserstein Fellow Britny-Jade Saunders Talk on Data Discrimination

Sep. 13 (6-8 pm): Student Activities Fair in Milstein

Sep. 14-16: Celebration 65 @ HLS

Sep. 18 (6-8 pm): SALSA General Body Meeting in WCC 1010

Sep. 28 (3-4 pm): Wasserstein Fellow Rajesh Nayak Coffee Chat

Oct. 15 (6-8 pm): SALSA General Body Meeting

Nov. 28 (6-8 pm): SALSA Study Break