Our Board

Open Inquiry’s board members for the 2021–22 school year are:

President: Magd Lhroob ’22

Magd is always up for a thought-provoking conversation. She’s spent most of her life living and working abroad, most recently in Southeast Asia and Europe. She holds degrees in Philosophy and Politics and Economics from Yale University and the University of St. Andrews. Talk to her about neutral spaces, the illusion of free speech, and how big tech impairs democracy.

Event Coordinator: Ari Spitzer ’23

Ari, born and raised in the New York area, cares deeply about the values of robust discussion and healthy debate. He holds a degree in business from New York University, and spent his virtual 1L year living with other HLS students in the mountains of New Hampshire and in Medellín, Colombia. Talk to Ari about economic policy, the role of courts in our political system, or your picks to make the Super Bowl this year.

Treasurer: JP Olinski ’22

JP is from Southern California and studied Philosophy at Dartmouth College. He’s interested in how judges should decide cases and why well-intentioned people disagree so strongly about important issues.

Communications Chair: Wentao Zhai ’22

Wentao hails from Beijing, China and has lived on four continents. Prior to law school, he studied Classics at Middlebury College in Vermont and was an Ertegun Scholar of the Humanities at University of Oxford. Talk to Wentao about classical liberalism, international law, public transit, and why everyone should read the Iliad.

Membership and Outreach Chair: Yitz Weiss ’23

Yitz is always asking questions. Before coming to HLS, he spent ten years studying Talmud and Jewish law at institutions in New York, New Jersey, and Israel. Talk to Yitz about religion, democracy, free markets, and retail arbitrage.

Board Advisor: Natassia Velez ’22

Natassia is from New York. She is the proud product of a family that questioned and debated everything over plates of empanadas, pollo guisado, or arroz con salchichas. She holds a degree in International Relations from the State University of New York at New Paltz. Talk to her about free speech, national security, racial justice, technology, privacy, or her thoughts on the best video games of all time.