Statement on 2020 Protests: #EndSars, #Shutitalldown, #CongoIsBleeding


Statement on the Ongoing Protests in Nigeria, Namibia and the Democratic Republic of Congo

The Harvard African Law Association (HALA) offers its unequivocal support for the protests happening in Nigeria, Namibia and The Democratic Republic of Congo. The right to protest, and the right to convey dissatisfaction with the prevailing regime, is an integral part of any democracy, and such demonstrations should be respected, encouraged and applauded. In the aforementioned countries, citizens have courageously taken to the streets to air their grievances and to exercise their key civic rights. HALA stands in solidarity with these movements and amplifies their voices and respective missions.

In Nigeria, under the #EndSars campaign, protestors are mobilizing against the country’s Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS). The unit was established in 1984 to tackle theft and armed robbery in Nigeria. However, in the succeeding decades, SARS became notorious for indiscriminately targeting and harassing everyday citizens, and for carrying out extrajudicial killings. Although the #EndSars campaign was initially prompted by SARS’ malfeasance, the campaign’s scope has evolved. Currently, it is largely seen as a pushback against systemic issues in the country, such as corruption, police brutality, and the lack of government accountability. 

In Namibia, under the #shutitalldown campaign, protestors are mobilizing against the rampant sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) in the country. According to the Namibia Demographic Health Survey, over 33% of married women, aged 15-49 years, have experienced physical, sexual or emotional violence from their partner. These stark statistics – alongside specific episodes, such as the killing of Shannon Wasserfall, a 21 year old who had previously been missing for six months – prompted the current wave of protests that have rocked Windhoek and other Namibian cities.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), under the #CongoIsBleeding campaign, protestors are mobilizing against the endemic sexual violence in the country. The protestors are also demanding that the perpetrators of human rights violations in the country be brought to justice.

2020 has witnessed an impressive and historic slate of protests and acts of civil activism, from the Black Lives Matter movement in the United States to the Hong Kong protests. The ongoing protests in Nigeria, Namibia and the DRC are no different, and deserve our full-hearted attention, support and concern. We stand in solidarity. 


Ways to Help the #EndSars Movement in Nigeria 

  • Stay Informed
    1. (VIDEO) Why are there protests going on in Nigeria and why is it your business?
    2. (ARTICLE) For the sake of democracy, Nigeria’s #EndSars campaign against police brutality must prevail
    3. (ARTICLE) As Nigerians continue to protest nationwide against police brutality, here’s how you can help
    4. (WEBSITE) End Sars Demands


  • Amplify
      1. Keep using #EndSars, #EndSwat, and #SarsMustEnd, amplify their voices
  • Follow and support the work of this verified organization
      1. Feminist Coalition 
        1. This is a Nigerian feminist-led coalition raising funds for protesters and other supporters on the ground, they provide daily reports of how they are distributing the funds.
        2. Website: | Tweet: @feminist_co | IG: 
  • Additional Resources
    1. Diaspora Support 4 #EndSARS by Marvellous Iheukwumere


    1. #EndSARS Resources by Harvard Nigerian Students Association

Ways to Help the #shutitalldown Movement in Namibia 

  • Stay Informed 
    1. Read this CNN Africa article on recent updates from the protests

  • Amplify
      1. Keep using #shutitalldown, amplify their voices 
  • Follow and support the work of these verified organizations
    1. OutRight Namibia – an LGBTI+ non-governmental organization
      2. IG: @outright.namibia 
    2. Slut Shame Movement – intersectional feminist movement 
      1. IG: @slutshamewalknam | Tweet: @slutshamewalk 
    3. PowerPad Girls – help provide menstrual products for young women 
      1. FB:
    4. Sister Namibia – feminist non-governmnetal organization 
      1. IG: @sister_namibia 

Ways to Help the #CongoIsBleeding Movement in the DRC 

  • Stay Informed 
      1. Read this Amnesty International report on the state of human rights in the DRC:
  • Amplify 
      1. Keep using #CongoIsBleeding, amplify their voices  
  • Sign Amnesty International’s “No to Impunity in the DRC” petition
      1. Petition:
  • Follow and donate to the Panzi Foundation
    1. Founded by Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Dr. Denis Mukwege, the Panzi Foundation is a hospital that provides compassionate, holistic care for survivors of sexual violence in the DRC. 
    2. Website: | IG: @panzifoundation