Welcome to Beeritas!

Do you love beer?  Like beer?  Like beer but want to learn to love it?  Love sitting around and watching other people drink beer?  If yes, welcome to Beeritas!  (If no, who are you?)

Beeritas, a student-run organization, is the official Beer Appreciation Society of Harvard Law School.  That’s right, if you were afraid your beer-drinking days were over now that you are a big bad law student, we’re here for you.  We hold a tasting every other Monday — some curated by the current board, some led by representatives from local breweries.  At each tasting, our board members or the visiting brewer leads us through the various beers of the week.  You drink some beer, you learn just enough about beer to be pretentious at parties (but keep your snobbery away from Beeritas!), and you discuss nothing legal whatsoever- it’s the perfect mix!

In addition to our bi-weekly tastings, we also hold beer-themed events throughout the year that take advantage of our location in a great beer city, such as trips to local breweries and local beer festivals.

All in all, Beeritas is a place for people who care about beer, beer in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Graduate students from other schools at Harvard are encouraged to join us.  If all of this sounds too good to be true, then welcome to Beeritas!

Questions? Comments? Drinking invitations? Contact Beeritas President Melyssa Eigen at meigen@jd22.law.harvard.edu

Get to Know the 2021-2022 Beeritas Board:

President Melyssa Eigen (meigen@jd22.law.harvard.edu)

Treasurer John King (jking@jd23.law.harvard.edu)

Event Coordinator Amy Robinson (arobinson@jd22.law.harvard.edu)

Board Member Thomas Freeman (tfreeman@jd22.law.harvard.edu)